A number of people have kindly inquired if there was a way to thank me for the effort producing this website.  Thank you very much for the offers.  I’m not in it for the money, it’s mostly a labor or love and a way to share some positive karma helping others solve their own challenges.

To that end, I figured I might try out the new feature offered by WordPress that would allow someone to contribute to the cause. I figured I might list a few ‘wish list’ items here, and if anyone cares to they can donate something that tickles their fancy.

Get Princess Piddles (my DB9) detailed by a Pro …..

A shiny Aston is a Happy Aston. I do most of her washing an cleaning, but it would be a nice treat once and a while to have an Aston Martin approved detailer give her some love. Fortunately I have a great resource right nearby, Lions Mobile Detailing. Daryl Williams and his team work for Aston and Bugatti (you can see him out at Pebble Beach and other events each year), and its just a fluke he lives about 2 miles from my office. Daryl has a super reasonable basic cleanup fee which would be great.


Take my Sweetie (and me) to Brunch….

One of the ways my Sweetie and I have enjoyed the DB9 together is driving her out to Napa Valley on Sunday mornings for brunch at one of our favorite restaurants ‘Ad Hoc’ (actually located in Yountville, CA). If you’d like to meet up one day that would be great. If you’d like to send us, we’d both be thrilled.


Buy Steve a Whiskey…..

Who wouldn’t enjoy sharing a drink and talking Astons? If you were in Sacramento it would be fun to do this in person. If we can’t do that a nice bottle of whiskey would be a great treat! I tend to fancy a Macallan 18 in my old age. I promise I will raise a glass to you and send you a pic of the toast :>)


Fun at Track Day

Once I year I like to take my car out to the AMOC Track Day event at Thunderhill Raceway. It would be great to see you there to swap stories and do a few hot laps if you can join in. This would be a nice treat if you’d like to send Princess Piddles to the event.