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Storing your Aston Martin (10/7/2021) - Each year as winter approaches many owners look to put their precious Aston away for a few months of hibernation.   I’m fortunate enough to live in a climate where I can drive my DB9 all year round (I’m not bothered by her getting wet in the few days of California rain we have each year).  …

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What you don’t know can hurt you (8/17/2021) - Have a look at this picture of my DB9 – can you see what’s wrong on my Aston? It’s there, staring right at us. Not recognizing it could hurt your pocket book, your Aston, and potentially even you.  I’ll give you a clue – one tire is down an alarming 10 psi. But can you …

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Garage Sale! (8/13/2021) - I wanted to draw your attention to a new area on the website – the Garage Sale page. The Garage Sale page is where I am selling off various bits and bobs from projects on the site.  Sometimes I buy a new set of parts just to complete the videos and articles and I …

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Differential Fluid for an Aston Martin DB9 (5/8/2021) - The rear differential is an often neglected but essential component of the high performance drivetrain in an Aston Martin DB9.  Most people know about engine oil and transmission fluid, but what about the unsung hero of the rear wheel drive – the differential? All Gaydon era Aston Martins (DB9, Vantage, DBS, Rapide and Vanquish) have …

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