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Aston1936 Holiday Gift Ideas (11/24/2021) - If you are an Aston owner and your Sweetie is looking for gift ideas – let me help.  I know, this is a bit of a departure from ‘how to change your oil filter‘, but I’ve been thinking about the plight of your spouses and friends trying to figure out what gift to get someone …

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Thank You for Brunch! (11/13/2021) - One of the great things about this hobby is that it helps other Aston owners out with their projects.  From time to time people ask if they can do something nice in return (which isn’t necessary) but I understand.  This led me to create the Donate page (linked above) where kind contributors could pick out …

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Aston Martin DB9 Seatback Quick Release (10/31/2021) - If the battery is dead in your Aston Martin DB9 – how to you move the right hand seat forward to access the battery that is UNDER the right rear seat squab?  If you’ve ever been in a DB9, the rear seat area is – ummm – very small.   Getting to that area is close …

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Determine if your Aston Martin V12 has 2 pin or 3 pin Coil Packs (10/20/2021) - If you own a V12 Aston Martin like the DB9, V12 Vantage, DBS or Virage, you’ve likely heard about the common issue with lumpy idle that is attributed to a misfire condition involving the spark plugs and coil packs.   I’ve done an extensive series on determining the issue and how to replace them (check it …

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