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Sagging Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9 (10/15/2017) - It all started on hot sunny California summer day when I got into my DB9 after work.  Open the beautiful swan wing door, slide butt into supple sculpted leather seat, and then WTF?!  Why is there fabric on my head?   As you can see in my happy owner photo here my headliner sagged and was …

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Dealing with a Cracked Windshield in your Aston Martin DB9 (10/1/2017) - Clack! Awww,  for fucks sake…. That’s exactly what the sounds were inside the cabin when a rock popped up behind a big rig on a local Interstate and bounced off my Aston Martin DB9 windshield.  At first while still driving I didn’t see any chips or cracks, but when I got home to check it out …

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Happy Birthday! is 2 years old (9/24/2017) - Another year has flown by.  This weekend Aston1936 turned officially two years old. The mission has stayed the same since the beginning – share what I learn as I live with my (now 12 year old) DB9 so that other owners can benefit and perhaps take care of their dream cars with just a little …

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Come to Cars & Coffee (9/17/2017) - Hello all you Northern California and Nevada Aston Owners! Just a quick post to invite you to join me at the upcoming Sacramento, California Cars & Coffee on Sunday September 24, 2017.  The Sacramento weather seems to be cooling down a bit so I hope it will be a glorious Sunday to sip a hot beverage …

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