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Storing your Aston Martin (11/28/2019) - Each year as winter approaches many owners look to put their precious Aston away for a few months of hibernation.   I’m fortunate enough to live in a climate where I can drive my DB9 all year round (I’m not bothered by her getting wet in the few days of California rain we have each year).  …

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Personalised Plate AML1936 (11/19/2019) - Hi Steve, I was browsing through the various articles on the website and read your post about buying a private plate. I’ve not mentioned this before but I also succumbed to buying a private plate shortly after buying Aston 2209 and the number I got was X005AML. As I’m now retired that now makes me …

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Skid Plate Options for an Aston Martin DB9 (11/16/2019) - I’ve jacked up the paint on my Aston Martin DB9’s nose more times than I can remember.   Scraaaaaaape.   Speed bumps, drive way curbs, parking curbs, they are everywhere trying to scratch up the nose on my car.  After 6 years of year round daily driving, it didn’t look pretty. At a visit a to my …

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Changing your Digital Speed Display Units in an Aston Martin DB9 (11/10/2019) - My DB9 was repainted recently, and was in the shop for 7 weeks.  While it was there I don’t think they had it on a battery tender and the battery was low or went flat.  When that happens, your car looses many of the memory settings in the door modules, seat modules, etc.  When I …

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