EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads SUCK for Street use in an Aston Martin DB9

“Squeeeeeaaaaaallllll”   “Squeeeaaaal”   “Squeal”   You better get used to that noise if you are looking to run a set of EBC Red Stuff brake pads in your DB9.   During my recent full brake service I figured I’d try something new instead of running another set of Porterfield R4-S pads.  I looked around at the various options, and found the EBC Red Stuff pads were a fair bit cheaper, so I bought a set off Amazon.  The savings were notable, about $250 USD for both sets of front and rears vs. $370 buying Porterfield’s.  Big mistake – and one you can now avoid making.

The EBC’s don’t squeal when they are stone cold, and they don’t squeal when they are hot (like track day hot).  Everything in between they squeal under light or moderate pressure below 20 mph, essentially coming to a stop at any light.   And they squeal LOUDLY, drawing more attention to your DB9 than you’ll want.

My last set of pads (Porterfield R4-S) NEVER squealed.  I was careful to bed that set in, and I’ve been careful this time around to bed in the EBC’s.  I have shim plates installed.  I used anti-squeal compound during assembly.  I’ve driven them for three months now.  I’ve actually taken three (3) stabs at bedding them in hoping to give them the best possible chance before I gave up on them.

The EBC’s made more brake dust than the Porterfield R4-S too.  Less than the OEM Pagid pads, but more than the Porterfield’s.  In fact, I was aghast after my first week running the EBC’s, my rims were nearly black.

Brake Dust after 1 Week with the EBC’s

They had good ‘bite’ all the time, even when cold.  I have no complaint in their braking performance.

The EBC’s may be a fine choice for principally a track day car, but SUCK for mild to moderate street driving.

I officially give up.  It wasn’t worth the $120 saved.  I’ve ordered a new setup of Porterfield R4-S pads today and look forward to swapping them in soon.  I’ll keep the EBC’s for my annual AMOC Track day run, and use them up where they are best suited.

9 thoughts on “EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads SUCK for Street use in an Aston Martin DB9

  1. Mark Chippendale

    I used their Yellowstuff pads on my DB9 with zero squealing issues. These are not quite as good for aggressive driving but are perfect for a daily basis.


  2. Robert Thrailkill

    I also used EBC Red pads for rear brakes. Had new rotor installed too. The brakes had horrific squealing no matter what I tried. Gave up after just 10 days and put in a set of Pagid. They occasionally squeal at low speeds but only faintly. Threw the EBC Red into the trash.


  3. Warren Neuburger

    I went with the EBC yellow and new rotors at the time of installation. They were great for track days, and I occasionally get a squeal but not usually in normal driving.


  4. Louis Hsiao

    Yes! I installed EBC REDSTUFF on my DB9 as well and they squealed for over 5k miles. I stuck it out but it was really embarassing coming to stoplights. They don’t squeal anymore, but I’m getting a lot of “chatter” and rough noises esupecially on cold starts. Lots of regrets using the red stuff.


  5. Gerry Guzman

    Hi Steve and all,
    I had to chime in here about the brakes on my 2005. Having done dozens of brake jobs over the years, I performed the job on my DB9 almost identical to your tutorial, Steve. I installed the EBC Reds as well and bedded them in thoroughly (found a nice deserted road one Sunday morning). I know you won’t believe it, but that was 6 months ago and REDS are quiet as can be. I tried a lot to make them squeal, but not a sound. Not a peep. And they stop like NOW!!!
    The difference? I installed a set of Wilwood 2-piece Promatrix brake rotors. The rotors come in a kit for all 4 corners. Yes, they are expensive but worth it in my opinion. And concerning brake dust, not an appreciable difference over stock.
    So the problem just may be incompatibility with the metal in the stock rotors and the EBC Red compound. That’s a definite reason to stay away from the EBC Reds when using AM rotors.


    1. Joel K

      I second this. I’ve used EBC on many of my daily drivers (Including AMG vehicles with nearly identical brakes) and my Jag XF and have never once had a set squeal. It is critical that you use copious amounts of brake quiet on installation and that you run a full bed-in. It should be noted that I’ve never installed a set in conjunction with rotors that were previously used with other pads. I almost always replace rotors with pads (and red stuff is so aggressive that you will wear a lot of rotor away). My strong suspicion is that there is embedded material in the existing rotors that is not working well with the red stuff material matrix.

      One annoyance with red stuff is that they tend to embed friction material in rotors and you must occasionally re-bed them to remove it. This will present as a chatter or vibration under light braking.



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