Aston Martin Vantage Production Numbers

Tim Cottingham is the official registrar of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.  He’s the keeper of the production data for most all of the cars, and does the tireless research to tally up how many of which platform in which configuration.  [Tim also created the fabulous website with tons of terrific information and photos about all things Aston]

Recently he teased us all with a post on the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Facebook Group where he showed the production numbers for the Gaydon era VH2 platform Vantages.   These include the all the V8 and V12 variants of the coupes and roadsters. Continue reading “Aston Martin Vantage Production Numbers”

Contacting the AMHT for information about your Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin Heritage Trust LogoI was trying to learn more about the specifics of my DB9, what options it was ordered with and things like that.  When I purchased the car used I got almost no paperwork.  The Holy Grail would be an original factory window sticker, original dealer invoice or a factory build sheet.   I reached out to my local dealer first, but thought I would try the helpful folks at the Aston Martin Heritage Trust (AMHT) that oversee the records for all the vintage models. Continue reading “Contacting the AMHT for information about your Aston Martin DB9”