Contacting the AMHT for information about your Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin Heritage Trust LogoI was trying to learn more about the specifics of my DB9, what options it was ordered with and things like that.  When I purchased the car used I got almost no paperwork.  The Holy Grail would be an original factory window sticker, original dealer invoice or a factory build sheet.   I reached out to my local dealer first, but thought I would try the helpful folks at the Aston Martin Heritage Trust (AMHT) that oversee the records for all the vintage models.As I checked out the AMHT archives website I found a link to contact the research department by email with my VIN.  I did this.   It took six months (!) for them to get back to me (short staffed to be sure) and eventually I got this email from Donna Bannister the curator (thank you Donna):

Dear Steve,

Please find attached the DB9 ‘screen shot’ build sheet and the invoice.  Unfortunately, modern cars no longer have the hand written service record sheets and only contain the minimum amount of information.  Once the new online Register goes live, there might be a bit more information.  Keep an eye on the AMHT website and the AM News magazine for more information on when to expect to see the Online Register.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

Many thanks,

Attached to the email was a Microsoft Word Document containing this information (you can download the original document here):

Chassis No. A01906
Sales Order No. DB912053
Build No. 241936

Model Year 2005
Description DB9 Coupe
Colour Merlot Red AST1342
Trim Iron Ore Red/Sandstorm
Carpets Black Cherry
Seats 2+2

Model  5 DB9
Drive L  L.H.D.
Bodystyle  C Coupe
Territory AU  U.S.A.
Gearbox  A  Automatic
Performance B Base

Registration Engine No. AM04/10305
Tub (original)
Tub (used)
At Station  660

Aston Martin DB9 Final Inspection PlaqueFor the research I was sent a bill for £24.   Is it worth it?   Honestly the results are a little disappointing.  You’d think they would have at least the Window stickers, information about original dealership, day it left the factory and the technicians that built it.  Honestly I can open the hood and find out who the final inspector was (Paul Goddard), but it’s not in this report?   Undoubtedly the information is tucked away in a computer database somewhere.  Donna was honest about the results, and the money was minor and covers the AMHT effort (who I am happy to support).   If you don’t know even this much about your car, it’s worth spending.   As Donna foreshadows, I look forward to seeing this new Online Register when it goes live on the website.


5 thoughts on “Contacting the AMHT for information about your Aston Martin DB9

  1. yvr

    Steve, just ask an Aston Martin dealer for the build sheet. It lists all the options on your car. And they probably won’t charge you for it.

    Great site by the way. Very helpful. Keep it up!


  2. Jack Glenn

    I have a 2007 silver DB-9 Coupe that I bought new from the dealer in the Atlanta area. Since December 2006, I have driven it 141,000 miles.
    Recently the “new” dealer told me I needed a new drivers side seat motor at a cost of $3500.00.
    I found your Tips and recalibrated the module in about 2 or 3 minutes.
    Now can you tell me why my AC (Freon okay), will sometimes stop blowing cold air and then come back on?
    Thank you very much!
    Jack Glenn


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