Preparing the Intake Manifolds for Removal from an Aston Martin DB9

To remove the Intake Manifolds you must first disconnect the Ancillaries

You might need to remove the Intake Manifolds from your DB9 for many service reasons including the need to change your Coil Packs and Spark Plugs.  The process of removing them is fairly involved, and requires disconnecting a crapload of auxiliary items before you can actually remove them.  In this article I will cover what defines a crapload. Continue reading “Preparing the Intake Manifolds for Removal from an Aston Martin DB9”

Disconnecting the Fuel Rails and Removing Fuel Injectors from an Aston Martin DB9

Fuel Rails unmounted

You might be needing to disconnect the fuel rails to change one or more fuel injectors, or perhaps to dig further into the engine removing the Intake Manifolds as part of changing your Coil Packs, Spark Plugs or perhaps your PCV Valves.   It’s not a difficult task once you have the prerequisites listed below out of the way.

Note:  I will be explaining how to unmount the fuel rails and disconnect them from the fuel injectors, but NOT how to completely remove the fuel rail.  God help you if you need to actually remove the rails entirely.  At the very bottom of this article I will regurgitate the instructions from the Aston Martin Workshop Manual, but I can tell you know it’s probably impossible to do this with the engine in the car.  I bought the special tools and was going to try but waved off after seeing mission impossible in front of me.  I found it was totally unnecessary for the service tasks I noted above.   We can make do with them loose and able to swing side to side. Continue reading “Disconnecting the Fuel Rails and Removing Fuel Injectors from an Aston Martin DB9”

Happy Birthday! is 1 year old

first-birthday-cupcakeI have been amazed by the response to the site.   This weekend it turned officially one year old from when I feebly stuck up my first post “Here We Go“.  From the beginning this site hasn’t been about making money.   I just wanted a place to share tips & trick with you that I wish had been available to help me.


increasing-statsSince then traffic has grown steadily, especially since it started to get discussed on the AMOC forums.   Amazingly 5,700 viewers have read posts 20,500 times.  Currently about 30-50 people a day view a total of about 100-150 posts.  Viewers are from 125(!) countries all around the world including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, U.A.E, Japan and more.  Just Wow. Continue reading “Happy Birthday! is 1 year old”

Removing the Intake Manifold Brace from an Aston Martin DB9

Intake Manifold Brace with V12 and Logo from Aston Martin DB9The Centerpiece under the hood of any DB9 is the 6.0 V12 Aston Martin emblazoned logo on the Intake Manifold Center Brace.  You may need to remove this brace for various service items like changing your coil packs and spark plugs or perhaps servicing your PCV valves or something in the fuel injection system. Continue reading “Removing the Intake Manifold Brace from an Aston Martin DB9”

Removing the Engine Bay Cross Braces from an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Engine BracesUnder the hood (bonnet) of the DB9 are three structural cross braces linking the strut towers and the firewall in a triangle (natures strongest shape).  These braces perform a vital role in the cars handling – stiffening the front of the chassis.  If you are about to do some service work like changing your coil packs, spark plugs, PCV valves or even the windshield washer bottle filler neck you may need to remove one or all of these braces. Continue reading “Removing the Engine Bay Cross Braces from an Aston Martin DB9”