Engine Oil for an Aston Martin DB9

Choosing the brand of Engine Oil appears to be a religious decision for some.  Not just Aston Martin owners, but with car enthusiasts everywhere.  From Mobil 1, to Motul, Castrol, Royal Purple, and even generic cheapo brands the forum discussions run the gamut hot and heavy.   I take a more pragmatic approach to it – What does Aston say is best for it?  In this article I’ll take you on a quick FACT based tour of the requirements for the V12 engine (note this is not the same for the V8’s in the Vantage).  If you want the short version to skip the reading, just use Mobil 1 0W-40 like Aston recommends.  Read on for the why…. Continue reading “Engine Oil for an Aston Martin DB9”

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Production Numbers – A Geek’s Guide

Can you remember when you last took notice of Jeremy Clarkson?

Shall I tell you? I bet it was the final feature of the final episode of series 13 of Top Gear, August 2009. Are you with me now? If not, take a 5 minute break and watch it here.

How on earth did JC record a full 4 minute mini feature film and yet managed only to utter 82 words. Has any other car before or indeed since, managed to virtually silence Jezza?

After highlighting the DBS V12 in AMQ Summer 2018 (read that article here), it is now time to look more closely at the V12 Vantage (VH280 to VH287B, six-speed manual 2010MY to 2013MY).  Same engine, same gearbox, same brakes, same interior. It is as near as makes no odds, the same car but in a more compact package. Continue reading “Aston Martin V12 Vantage Production Numbers – A Geek’s Guide”

A Chat with Steve – Interviewed by Bamford Rose

Mike from Bamford Rose

Recently I had a Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose.  Many Aston enthusiasts might already know Mike from his popular YouTube videos “Forum Chat”.   I did my best to learn some David Letterman interviewing skills and got to ask him about his background, his time at Aston, the origins of Bamford Rose, and what’s ahead for Mike.  You can find a link to that Interview here.

Mike wanted to turn the tables and have a chance at interviewing me.  In this video we’ll discuss a bit of my background, how I became a car guy, the origins of Aston1936, discuss a few projects, and learn a about a few of my favorite things Aston related. Continue reading “A Chat with Steve – Interviewed by Bamford Rose”

A Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose

Mike from Bamford Rose

Recently I had a great opportunity to have a Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose.

Many Aston enthusiasts might already know Mike from his popular YouTube videos “Forum Chat”. It was one of those videos that got me interested in what he had to share. I watched one, then two, and soon I was chain smoking them. They are a great source of Aston knowledge. Continue reading “A Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose”

AMOC Canada West Aston Martin August 2020 Photo Shoot

It was about a year ago that my Sweetie and I drove our DB9 from California up to Victoria BC to join the AMOC Canada West group for their annual get together (check out that trip here).   While the event was mostly scuttled by Covid this year they managed to pull together a nice grouping of cars for a photo shoot.  Wyman Lee was kind enough to send along this information I could share with you. Continue reading “AMOC Canada West Aston Martin August 2020 Photo Shoot”

Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you out there, the readers of this website.   There is an overwhelming positive feedback that comes from you in comments on articles, YouTube videos and via the Contact page.  I try to respond when I can.   I always love to see pics of your cars and hear about your own repair adventures.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to Michael Crowther that was kind enough to buy me a Whiskey.   Mike used the ‘Donate’ page on the site and got me a bottle of MacAllan 18.   Yum!   Although Mike wasn’t here to share a dram with me, it was a good chance for me to also thank my cameraman Rob. Continue reading “Thank You!”

Understanding the SmarTire TPMS System in an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage

SmarTire Controller

When I purchased my DB9 used and was doing the initial walkaround, I opened the trunk and asked the sales rep “What’s this thing with all the LEDs?”.   It wasn’t a main dealer, and the rep didn’t know.    I figure there might be other owners out there that don’t know what it is, or what all the LEDs mean.  Let me explain…. Continue reading “Understanding the SmarTire TPMS System in an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage”

Dyno Testing Results After Installing a Airbox Delete Kit in an Aston Martin DB9

Airbox Delete Kit Installed

I am in the process of evaluating several ‘bolt on’ performance changes for my DB9.  Ultimately I am hoping to achieve power levels similar to a DBS (they are essentially just the same engine).  In this article I am testing the changes that come with fitting a Velocity AP GT4 Airbox Delete Kit (check out my other article on how to fit one).  This is a popular modification that promises less weight and better breathing to make more power.  Its that last claim we are testing here. Continue reading “Dyno Testing Results After Installing a Airbox Delete Kit in an Aston Martin DB9”

Dyno Testing a Stock Aston Martin DB9

How much power does my 2005 Aston Martin DB9 really make?   It certainly makes ‘enough’ – the car is not lacking for performance.  Lately I’ve been curious about a few ‘bolt on’ performance upgrades that I want to try out.  To know if they make any difference, I want to know the actual power my car make now that its 15 years old and has 44,000 miles on it.   I need a Baseline performance test. Continue reading “Dyno Testing a Stock Aston Martin DB9”