A Chat with Steve – Interviewed by Bamford Rose

Mike from Bamford Rose

Recently I had a Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose.  Many Aston enthusiasts might already know Mike from his popular YouTube videos “Forum Chat”.   I did my best to learn some David Letterman interviewing skills and got to ask him about his background, his time at Aston, the origins of Bamford Rose, and what’s ahead for Mike.  You can find a link to that Interview here.

Mike wanted to turn the tables and have a chance at interviewing me.  In this video we’ll discuss a bit of my background, how I became a car guy, the origins of Aston1936, discuss a few projects, and learn a about a few of my favorite things Aston related.

Mike and I have plans to start doing some technical discussions on topics that might be interesting to Aston enthusiasts about the Gaydon era cars.  If you haven’t already subscribed to both channels, please do so you can get notified when new videos come out.

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Check out the Chat here:

One thought on “A Chat with Steve – Interviewed by Bamford Rose

  1. Thanks Steve, for the interview, I was unaware of Bramford Rose Shop and post on Youtube, now I’m watching all of them. I have followed your site for about 3 years. We could really use a shop in Southern California like Mike’s. In Los Angeles, at the dealers, I always feel they have their hand in my pocket before I have gotten out of the car. Maybe we will meet at the next North/South AMOC event.


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