Aston Martin DB9 Seatback Quick Release

Rear seat access is – umm – limited.

If the battery is dead in your Aston Martin DB9 – how to you move the right hand seat forward to access the battery that is UNDER the right rear seat squab?  If you’ve ever been in a DB9, the rear seat area is – ummm – very small.   Getting to that area is close to impossible unless you can tip the seatback forward.

Battery Disconnect Switch

A few readers have recently commented on this conundrum after they pushed the ‘Battery Disconnect’ button in the trunk/boot and then realized that disables the power to the seats.  Of course Aston didn’t put the ‘Battery REconnect’ button in the trunk/boot, they put that under the right rear seat squab – a small yellow button peering out through an access hole.  While this is inconvenient, at least there is a simple manual way to get the seatback to move out of the way.  Let me show you how. Continue reading “Aston Martin DB9 Seatback Quick Release”

Reconnecting the Battery in an Aston Martin DB9

If you’ve been good boy [or girl] and disconnected your battery during a service event like you were supposed to – kudos to you for taking the time!  Or perhaps you are changing your battery and it’s time to hook it up.  Whatever the reason, you’ll want to follow the rights steps to get your DB9 operational again.  Even after you hookup the battery there are a number of steps you need to follow to reset a bunch of the modules.  I will reveal all below. Continue reading “Reconnecting the Battery in an Aston Martin DB9”

Disconnecting the Battery in an Aston Martin DB9

Battery Compartment Opened on an Aston Martin DB9
Battery Negative Terminal Disconnected

There are MANY service events for your DB9 that say to disconnect the battery as one of the steps.   I am as realistic as anyone in this regard – meaning I usually skip this step if I think I can get away with it.  The safety Nazi’s probably tell you disconnect the battery to vacuum the carpets.   But, there are certainly some circumstances where this should be followed.  Working on your fuel system, working on the electrical system, etc.  Any situation where an accidental spark or short could destroy parts of the car. Continue reading “Disconnecting the Battery in an Aston Martin DB9”