Infotainment Upgrades for my Aston Martin DB9

The infotainment system (stereo, GPS, etc.) in my 2005 Aston Martin DB9 Coupe is showing its age. No Bluetooth, no music streaming, no hands free calling, no Android Auto or Apple Car play (not even a defunct iPod hookup!).  I use it as an FM radio – that’s it.  The original Volvo derived Sat Nav system was horrible even back in 2005. As my car is now 18 years old (and nearly graduated high school :>) I figured it was time to invest in some new technology upgrades.

Unlike my Sweeties VW GTI where I can simply go to a website like and look at the plethora of upgrade options available (speakers, head units, amps, etc.), we have close to diddly squat in choices for our Aston Martins.  Sure, the media system at its core was from essentially a Volvo XC90 at the time of its design, but the head unit, facias and harnesses are all bespoke to Aston precluding fitting most standard aftermarket bits.

If you look hard enough, there are a few solutions available, and some are really nice.

I am doing a series of videos on my Aston1936 YouTube channel chronicling my upgrade. Hopefully I will circle back one day and write up my usual companion articles to go along with each (there are so many videos to this project I am struggling to get them done first), but in the meantime this one post will be where I link up critical items like suppliers, special tools and supplies, and of course link to the videos so this page can be your one stop shop.

A reasonable question to ask is if I am talking about products I am getting paid to endorse. Nope. Not my style. I want to be able to give you an honest review of what I am trying to use. If it sucks, I get to say so.  If its great, I’ll tell the Aston world.  Full disclosure – from time to time I get a discount from the supplier (same as you can usually negotiate).

If I do provide a link to an item that is on Amazon and you purchase that item, I get a tiny kickback from them. You don’t pay more, the price is exactly the same, but they send a fraction of a percent back to me as an ‘influencer’ [gawd – there is a life’s ambition met].  If you buy the items this way, you are essentially supporting the channel and I just pour the dollars back into camera gear, tools or supplies to make the next project better.  Thanks for your support if you use the links.

Now on with the show…

Reference Materials




While you could wing it with mostly whatever tools you have in your garage now, there’s nothing better than an excuse to get a new tool!  I used these at some points during the overall process.

  • Wiring Connector Crimp Tool
  • Interior Trim Tools
  • Interior Clip Pry Tool
  • Step Drill Bit
  • Drill Index
  • Inspection Light
  • Micro Fiber towels
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Spritz Bottle
  • Brother PTouch Labeler
  • Brother PTouch TZ Labels – White Text on Black 9mm (3/8″)
  • Bore Scope Camera – Autel MaxiVideo MV480


And here is where I am publishing the details on how to tackle the steps.  I’ve spread it out into manageable sized videos that you can follow along with.

And here is the official YouTube playlist that will play the entire project in order start to finish!

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