Aston Martin Vantage Production Numbers

Tim Cottingham is the official registrar of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.  He’s the keeper of the production data for most all of the cars, and does the tireless research to tally up how many of which platform in which configuration.  [Tim also created the fabulous website with tons of terrific information and photos about all things Aston]

Recently he teased us all with a post on the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Facebook Group where he showed the production numbers for the Gaydon era VH2 platform Vantages.   These include the all the V8 and V12 variants of the coupes and roadsters.

How many Vantages were built total including all configurations?  24,700

Most produced model?  The 4.3 V8 Vantage  Coupe with 8,154 examples

The rarest configuration?  The V12 Vantage AMR Roadster with just 29 examples built.

I expect articles will appear in a future editions of Aston Martin Quarterly magazine, but for now you can enjoy his teaser:

If you haven’t already joined the Aston Martin Owners Club I strongly encourage you to do so.   I’m a member and portions of of our membership fees go towards maintaining AMHT.

2 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage Production Numbers

    1. No, the suspension isn’t to my liking. I nearly bought one, but found the ride a bit too harsh for my taste. That’s what got me looking at the DB9, I prefer the GT car feel.


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