Determine if your Aston Martin V12 has 2 pin or 3 pin Coil Packs

A common issue with the V12 Aston Martin engine is that the coil packs begin to fail causing a misfire. When ordering replacements you need to know if they are the early 2-pin or later 3-pin versions. The problem is that you can’t know for sure before you start. Aston Martin made the design change on the DB9 probably sometime in 2006. Even the dealer can’t tell you if you supply your VIN number. To know for sure you need to get a look at them. Problem is, they are deep in the middle of the cylinder head. Let me show you a trick to get a peek before you start the project. Continue reading “Determine if your Aston Martin V12 has 2 pin or 3 pin Coil Packs”

Lubricating the Door Locks in an Aston Martin DB9

A maintenance task most owners won’t think about is to periodically lubricate the lock mechanism in their Aston Martin. With electronic central locking and the remote key fobs almost no-one uses the key any more. Until of course you have a dead battery and need to open the car the old fashioned way. Let me show you how to do it. Continue reading “Lubricating the Door Locks in an Aston Martin DB9”