Lubricating the Door Locks in an Aston Martin DB9

A maintenance task most owners won’t think about is to periodically lubricate the lock mechanism in their Aston Martin. With electronic central locking and the remote key fobs almost no-one uses the key any more. Until of course you have a dead battery and need to open the car the old fashioned way. Let me show you how to do it.


[Apologies – this is a place holder article to go along with the already released YouTube video which is linked below.  The video shows all the details of the process.  I just haven’t had time to circle back to complete the article but here are a few quick nuggets that are important in the mean time.]

The process will only take a few minutes.


A microfiber towel to wipe up any overspray.

3-In-One Lock Dry Lube – 2.5 fluid ounce can for about $7 USD on Amazon.



Here is a video of the process where I do the door lock and latch.

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