Skid Plate Options for an Aston Martin DB9

Creeping into driveways on the Diagonal

I’ve jacked up the paint on my Aston Martin DB9’s nose more times than I can remember.   Scraaaaaaape.   Speed bumps, drive way curbs, parking curbs, they are everywhere trying to scratch up the nose on my car.  After 6 years of year round daily driving, it didn’t look pretty.

At a visit a to my dealer I was talking to the Tim Lyons (master mechanic) and he told me he had NEVER seen a customer car that wasn’t scraped up underneath.   Made me feel a little better that is wasn’t just me.

My car was recently completely repainted and I now had the opportunity to do something to protect my perfect and virgin paint.  I set about finding a ‘skid plate’ solution to shield the nose of my car. Continue reading “Skid Plate Options for an Aston Martin DB9”

Changing your Digital Speed Display Units in an Aston Martin DB9

Digital Speed Display in KM/H

My DB9 was repainted recently, and was in the shop for 7 weeks.  While it was there I don’t think they had it on a battery tender and the battery was low or went flat.  When that happens, your car looses many of the memory settings in the door modules, seat modules, etc.  When I got my car back though and was finally driving it home I looked down at my digital speed display and it said I was doing 120! [I would never do such a thing :>)]  Yet I was rolling along at the same speed of normal California freeway traffic.  Being a Canadian [hiding in California], I knew what was up – my speed was displaying in Km/hr rather than MPH.  I guess when the battery was low, the car forgot which units to display the speed in.  But, how to get it back to normal? Continue reading “Changing your Digital Speed Display Units in an Aston Martin DB9”

Brake Rotor Options for your Aston Martin DB9

Worn out DB9 brakes needing new rotors

Brake Rotors are an essential part of the awesome brake systems fitted to the Aston Martin DB9 and Vantage.  They are also a routine wear item, and will eventually need replaced.  You can safely expect to get 20K miles or more from a set of Rotors (unless you track your car all the time).  When it is time to replace them I wanted to share you have more options than just going to the dealer and retting a set of the original OEM brake rotors.   As I’ve discussed in my other article on “Everything you might want to know about your Aston Martin Brake System” (check it out here) our brake system is made by Brembo, and was fitted to other high performance cars of the same era like the Corvette ZR1.  This is good news for us since it has led to a few more brake rotor options to choose from. Continue reading “Brake Rotor Options for your Aston Martin DB9”

Choosing the Right Brake Fluid for your Aston Martin DB9

Brake fluid is a key ingredient in any cars brake system, even more so in an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage.  It’s so important that flushing the brake fluid is mandated in every annual service for the DB9 (check out the 1 year service schedule here).   But which brake fluid should you buy?   I set about researching this and discovered there is one disastrous wrong answer, so we need to choose wisely.  Read on so you don’t make that mistake.

Continue reading “Choosing the Right Brake Fluid for your Aston Martin DB9”