Personalised Plate X005AML

Hi Steve,

I was browsing through the various articles on the website and read your post about buying a private plate AML1936. I’ve not mentioned this before but I also succumbed to buying a private plate shortly after buying Aston 2209 and the number I got was X005AML.

[Editors Note:  I’d like to thank Mike Potts (@aston2209) for contributing his time and knowledge in writing this article – Thanks Mike!]

  • As I’m now retired that now makes me an “X” engineer !!! [Although engineers never retire they just get more grumpy]
  • I might have been able to get 007 but a plate with that number for an Aston Martin would have cost more than the car !!!
  • AML of course as we all know –  Aston Martin Lagonda
Aston 2209 and me on the Mediterranean just outside Monaco
Well you have to don’t you …….. 😃

Mike (Aston 2209)

One thought on “Personalised Plate X005AML

  1. Stuart Carson.

    As a Brit now living in Canada, but with a 2005 DB9 in Arizona it’s stunning how different the license plate system is. I was able to purchase “MY DB9” for the princely sum of $25. Lord knows what that would cost in the UK.


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