Aston Martin DB9 Coil Packs – Everything you wanted to know and more

As I was preparing to replace my Spark Pugs and Coil packs (read the article here) to deal with a Lumpy Idle issue with my DB9 (read this other article here) I was researching the Coil Packs to learn if I could find a cheaper source for them.  Many of the parts in a DB9 are not bespoke, and rather scavenged from the massive Ford conglomerate parts bin. Continue reading “Aston Martin DB9 Coil Packs – Everything you wanted to know and more”

How does the length of your Dipstick Measure Up?

In an earlier article I wrote on refilling/checking the Oil Level in your DB9 (read it here) I brought up the issue about the length of your dipstick.  The deal here is that early model year Aston Martin DB9’s may suffer oil starvation under certain conditions [because 11 liters wasn’t enough?]Aston Martin DB9 Dipstick Min-MaxIts never been clearly explained anywhere I’ve found, but it is a real deal since Aston Martin released Field Service Action FSA 165V2 essentially recalling the original dipsticks and replacing them with shorter ones.  The result of this would be that you would need to add about one additional liter of oil to reach the new ‘max’ line, and thus have an extra liter safety margin. Continue reading “How does the length of your Dipstick Measure Up?”