Inspecting the Brakes in an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage

Regularly inspecting the brakes on your DB9 should be part of your routine service, same as changing the oil.  I would suggest it’s a bad idea to “Forget about them until something breaks”.  In fact, this is so important it’s part of the official Aston Martin 1 year and 2 year service regimes.   We all grouse about the cost of dealer service, but the fact is part of that time (and $$$) is well spent inspecting things we might skip since we are uninformed.  If you are going to take care of your Aston yourself, this is a procedure you should get good at, you’ll be doing it each year.

I am doing this as part of my larger series on a complete brake service.   How do you know if you need a complete brake service?   You inspect your brakes and find something indicating it’s necessary.  This article will tell you how. Continue reading “Inspecting the Brakes in an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage”

Reinstalling the Leather Door Cap End Cap in an Aston Martin DB9

Plunk.  Awww Crap!

End Cap showing 2 layers of old tape

Yet another tale of woe begins with my DB9.  One day when I rolled into the garage and parked, I opened my door, and then heard a faint “Plunk”.  Anyone that’s owned a British Car before knows that you need to get out and look around for what’s fallen off.  Sitting right there on my garage floor was a neat little do-dad wrapped in leather.   I quick look back up and at the car revealed that it had fallen off the end of the drivers door cap.   This little cap is designed as a finisher to hide one of the door card mounting screws.  It was held on by some double sided tape that gave up (much like the glue in my sagging headliner – read about that here).   Its an easy fix that anyone can undertake, and here’s how I did it. Continue reading “Reinstalling the Leather Door Cap End Cap in an Aston Martin DB9”