Engine Oil for an Aston Martin DB9

Choosing the brand of Engine Oil appears to be a religious decision for some.  Not just Aston Martin owners, but with car enthusiasts everywhere.  From Mobil 1, to Motul, Castrol, Royal Purple, and even generic cheapo brands the forum discussions run the gamut hot and heavy.   I take a more pragmatic approach to it – What does Aston say is best for it?  In this article I’ll take you on a quick FACT based tour of the requirements for the V12 engine (note this is not the same for the V8’s in the Vantage).  If you want the short version to skip the reading, just use Mobil 1 0W-40 like Aston recommends.  Read on for the why…. Continue reading “Engine Oil for an Aston Martin DB9”

Refilling the Oil in your Aston Martin DB9

Pouring OilOne of the final steps in the Oil change service on your DB9 is to refill the oil.   Okay, Okay, I hear you laughing about this too (is he going to tell us which end of the funnel goes down?).  No, but there are just a few bits of advice to share (including that the narrow end of the funnel goes down ;>).

Refill the Oil BEFORE you reinstall the front under tray.  You need to be able to check the sump drain plug and filter for leaks, so leave the tray off for now.

Remember that your Oil Filter is empty, so there is a void in the system.  This requires that you refill in essentially 2 stages. Continue reading “Refilling the Oil in your Aston Martin DB9”