Stripping the Paint Off an Aston Martin DB9 Grill

Failing Paint on Grill Bars

Whether you are repainting, polishing or wrapping the finish of your Aston Martin Grill Bars, you’ll need to strip them of the original paint first.   This article is one of a series where I am refinishing the tattered look of my entire grill, and I’ve elected to use vehicle wrap to apply a new finish to mine.   Stripping the old paint without messing up the metal underneath took me a while to figure out a fool proof process, but I nailed it and will share that here. Continue reading “Stripping the Paint Off an Aston Martin DB9 Grill”

How to Disassemble the Grill from an Aston Martin DB9

Failing Paint on Grill

Why would you want to take the grill apart from your DB9?  To refinish it of course.  The painted anthracite finish on my grill bars has begun to ‘flake’ off the metal, and it looks terrible.  When I approached an Aston Martin Dealer they did what you’d expect – recommended the only solution was to replace it.  But, and there is a big ‘but’, the original 7-bar grill is no longer available.  The only factory solution is to purchase a later model 5-bar grill and retrofit it.   I am sure the 5-bar grill would look fine, but I am also a bit of a purist that struggles with straying too far from original.  I prefer factory sport pack wheels compared to full custom after market.  I prefer factory color options.   I’d prefer to keep my car outfitted with the 7-bar grill, so I decided I’d learn how to remove, refinish and reinstall it. Continue reading “How to Disassemble the Grill from an Aston Martin DB9”

Power Window Not Working in an Aston Martin DB9

The drivers side power windows stopped working in my DB9.  This is the second time this problem has happened and both times I now realise it has been due to the battery being allowed to run flat. The first time followed a period of 3 weeks where I didn’t drive the Aston and this latest time being when I forgot to disconnect my dashcams. Continue reading “Power Window Not Working in an Aston Martin DB9”

Winter Preparation – Windscreen Washer Fluid in your Aston Martin DB9

Following on from Steve’s article on “Storing your Aston Martin” I have just been preparing Aston2209 (my DB9) for the winter and as we enter this period those of us who live in parts of the World where the temperature will surely drop below freezing its time to check all our Aston fluids are fit for purpose.

This article concerns the windscreen (windshield) washing system something that is often forgotten until we try to use it and find its frozen solid. What needs to be done, if like Aston 2209 you have a Summer formula wash installed, is that this has to be removed and a low temperature wash water installed. Continue reading “Winter Preparation – Windscreen Washer Fluid in your Aston Martin DB9”

Changing the Wiper Blades on an Aston Martin DB9

Deteriorated Drivers Side Blade with Winglet

Whether you drive a Toyota Corolla or a DB9, eventually you need to change your wiper blades.  They are made of rubber, and rubber deteriorates.  Time, Sunlight, Dry Climates all take their toll on it.  In any normal car changing your wiper blades isn’t rocket science, but of course in an Aston, there is a bit of a trick to it.  This article will share the tricks so you can do it quick! Continue reading “Changing the Wiper Blades on an Aston Martin DB9”

Storing your Aston Martin

[Photo credit – Damien Morley]
Each year as winter approaches many owners look to put their precious Aston away for a few months of hibernation.   I’m fortunate enough to live in a climate where I can drive my DB9 all year round (I’m not bothered by her getting wet in the few days of California rain we have each year).  If you are going to put your Aston away for more than a month, there are definitely a bunch of steps you should take so that she’s all ready to hit the road in the spring. Continue reading “Storing your Aston Martin”

Skid Plate Options for an Aston Martin DB9

Creeping into driveways on the Diagonal

I’ve jacked up the paint on my Aston Martin DB9’s nose more times than I can remember.   Scraaaaaaape.   Speed bumps, drive way curbs, parking curbs, they are everywhere trying to scratch up the nose on my car.  After 6 years of year round daily driving, it didn’t look pretty.

At a visit a to my dealer I was talking to the Tim Lyons (master mechanic) and he told me he had NEVER seen a customer car that wasn’t scraped up underneath.   Made me feel a little better that is wasn’t just me.

My car was recently completely repainted and I now had the opportunity to do something to protect my perfect and virgin paint.  I set about finding a ‘skid plate’ solution to shield the nose of my car. Continue reading “Skid Plate Options for an Aston Martin DB9”

Changing your Digital Speed Display Units in an Aston Martin DB9

Digital Speed Display in KM/H

My DB9 was repainted recently, and was in the shop for 7 weeks.  While it was there I don’t think they had it on a battery tender and the battery was low or went flat.  When that happens, your car looses many of the memory settings in the door modules, seat modules, etc.  When I got my car back though and was finally driving it home I looked down at my digital speed display and it said I was doing 120! [I would never do such a thing :>)]  Yet I was rolling along at the same speed of normal California freeway traffic.  Being a Canadian [hiding in California], I knew what was up – my speed was displaying in Km/hr rather than MPH.  I guess when the battery was low, the car forgot which units to display the speed in.  But, how to get it back to normal? Continue reading “Changing your Digital Speed Display Units in an Aston Martin DB9”

Brake Rotor Options for your Aston Martin DB9

Worn out DB9 brakes needing new rotors

Brake Rotors are an essential part of the awesome brake systems fitted to the Aston Martin DB9 and Vantage.  They are also a routine wear item, and will eventually need replaced.  You can safely expect to get 20K miles or more from a set of Rotors (unless you track your car all the time).  When it is time to replace them I wanted to share you have more options than just going to the dealer and retting a set of the original OEM brake rotors.   As I’ve discussed in my other article on “Everything you might want to know about your Aston Martin Brake System” (check it out here) our brake system is made by Brembo, and was fitted to other high performance cars of the same era like the Corvette ZR1.  This is good news for us since it has led to a few more brake rotor options to choose from. Continue reading “Brake Rotor Options for your Aston Martin DB9”