I’ve been running the site for several years now without an official ‘Contact’ page. People have been making contact through the Comments section of the articles, and in general I’ve replied to everyone.  Hearing from you all is part of the fun.

I’ve taken the plunge and created an email account where I can be reached.  This will allow you to send me your photos of projects and other attachments more easily.

Rules of Engagement:

If leaving a comment is more appropriate, please continue to do just that.  This way the narrative of the article can continue to expand and be shared with future readers.

I am not the ‘Oracle of Aston Martin’ knowing all the fixes (far from it).  I’ll share all I know, and point you at other resources when I have an inkling of the fix.

Don’t expect a reply right away.  This is a hobby for me.

If I don’t reply, its not a slight towards you or a comment on your topic.  I may just be too busy with life, and I’ll apologize in advance now.  I’ll do my best.

One request I repeatedly ignore is to share full downloaded copies of the information I purchased at  I’m sorry – you own an Aston Martin – you can afford to invest the $120 for a one day login and download a legal copy yourself.  Please check out this article on how to get your own copy.  I strongly encourage it, and you’ll be glad you did.