Installing a Velocity AP GT4 Airbox Delete Kit in an Aston Martin DB9

Getting Ready to Delete My Airbox

If you read my article on Power to Weight Ratio (check it out here) I was trying to work out where the best ‘bang for the buck’ was on performance upgrades for my DB9.  One of the standout items was a simple change to a high flow performance air filter.   These allow the engine to breath easier with less intake restriction.  The claim was that they can add horsepower and have the added benefit of they are reusable so you can easily save more than they cost after a few service intervals.  Win-Win.   I figured it was time to try a set out. Continue reading “Installing a Velocity AP GT4 Airbox Delete Kit in an Aston Martin DB9”

Changing the Air Filters on your Aston Martin DB9

Changing the Air Filters is a standard service item for any car on the road today, but on your DB9 it is a pain in the ass.  In any normal car they’ve design the air filter system to be easy to service, but oh-no, not Aston Martin.  All those good looks come at a price, and in this case it meant they had to stuff the air filters in behind the front bumper, never to be seen.  Changing them is part of the 2 year annual service regime, so you should get to know how to do this properly, and I’ll share what I know with you below. Continue reading “Changing the Air Filters on your Aston Martin DB9”