Aston Martin DB9 Seatback Quick Release

Rear seat access is – umm – limited.

If the battery is dead in your Aston Martin DB9 – how to you move the right hand seat forward to access the battery that is UNDER the right rear seat squab?  If you’ve ever been in a DB9, the rear seat area is – ummm – very small.   Getting to that area is close to impossible unless you can tip the seatback forward.

Battery Disconnect Switch

A few readers have recently commented on this conundrum after they pushed the ‘Battery Disconnect’ button in the trunk/boot and then realized that disables the power to the seats.  Of course Aston didn’t put the ‘Battery REconnect’ button in the trunk/boot, they put that under the right rear seat squab – a small yellow button peering out through an access hole.  While this is inconvenient, at least there is a simple manual way to get the seatback to move out of the way.  Let me show you how. Continue reading “Aston Martin DB9 Seatback Quick Release”

Performing a Seat Module Calibration on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 SeatsSo this post is because one day I got into my car and discovered I couldn’t adjust my drivers seat.   Specifically:

  • I couldn’t adjust the seat back incline forward or back
  • I couldn’t adjust the seat bottom backwards – BUT – I could move it forward.
  • I couldn’t adjust the seat bottom back down – BUT – I could raise it.
  • I couldn’t adjust the seat bottom front down – BUT  – If I tried to raise it I could hear a motor click.  It was already all the way up.

What really sucked is that every time I fiddled with it, I would end up edging the seat forward a bit, and seat bottom back up a bit (the only two motions that worked).  Envision me slowly tipping up and squishing into the steering wheel.

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