Uncorking your DB9 Exhaust

DB9 ExhaustChanging the exhaust note of your Aston Martin DB9 is easy.  ‘Uncorking it’ as its been called is as simple as pulling Fuse 22 from the correct fusebox.   This is probably the most popular ‘tweak’ owners do to there cars.   In fact, the dealerships would do this for you as you picked up your new baby.

The forums are also full of questions, and myths.   Does it really make a difference? How much louder does it get?  Where is the fuse box?  Which fuse is it?  What does uncorking really do?   Does it improve the gas mileage better?  Does it make the car run richer at idle? Continue reading “Uncorking your DB9 Exhaust”

Buying a used DB9? A Carfax report helped me …

I spent 2 years hunting for the exact right DB9 for me.   I watched eBay, Cars.com, local exotic dealers, regional Aston dealers and even Craigslist.

Buying a used car is scary.  Buying a used (out of warranty) exotic cars is even scarier when you consider the dollars involved and the service costs.  No one wants to buy an abused car, or one that’s been banged up and poorly repaired.
CarFax Logo Continue reading “Buying a used DB9? A Carfax report helped me …”

Aston Martin Technical Info Website

Immediately after purchasing DB9 1936 I was on a quest to find a DB9 Service Manual.  I started in the usual fashion by Googling for it.  At best, I was lead to sketchy websites and forums where a zillion people had be asking looking for one to download, and usually someone overseas would post a link that wouldn’t work anymore (or worse leads to some site with Spyware).

It’s illegal to post a copy of the PDF of the manual.  Aston Martin frowns upon this greatly it appears.

This search did lead me to the ‘legal’ solution to the issue.   Aston Martin has a Technical Information website where it publishes EVERYTHING for its cars, old and new.  This is really a resource for shops and dealers, but even us lay persons can get in on the action. Continue reading “Aston Martin Technical Info Website”