Parts needed to Reinstall the Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9

The headliner started to sag in my Aston Martin DB9 when the glue failed that bonded it to the shell underneath.  I’ve covered the details of this in another article you can read here.   Determined to fix it, I went about figuring out what parts I would need to accomplish the task.

As with most automotive interiors, many of the DB9 panels are held on with hidden plastic clips.  These clips are often fragile, and are usually ‘One Time Use’ meaning that even if they don’t break when you remove them, their function may be degraded when you try to reinstall them since they are stretched or mangled in some way.  As you remove your headliner you will actually encounter about 18 of these types of clips, which Aston Martin calls “Fir Trees” since they resemble a Fir tree in the woods. Continue reading “Parts needed to Reinstall the Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9”

Tools Required to Remove the Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9

The 11 year old glue failed between the Alcantara fabric and the headliner shell in my Aston Martin DB9 causing the headliner to sag (you can read about the details here).   If this has happened to you and you are about to embark on repairing or replacing it, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the right tools on hand before you start. Continue reading “Tools Required to Remove the Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9”

Sagging Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9

Difficult to ignore

It all started on hot sunny California summer day when I got into my DB9 after work.  Open the beautiful swan wing door, slide butt into supple sculpted leather seat, and then WTF?!  Why is there fabric on my head?   As you can see in my happy owner photo here my headliner sagged and was draping across my head.  Crap – something else to fix and I am not an upholsterer.

You can’t ignore this problem and it needs immediate attention else it will drive you completely insane as it flaps in the wind with the windows open, or just lays on you and your passengers head when you sit in the car. Continue reading “Sagging Headliner in an Aston Martin DB9”

Sagging Headliner in my Aston Martin DB9

Furstrated with the Sagging Headliner on my Aston Martin DB9
Sagging Headliner – Unhappy Owner

Arrrgggh!   You may be wondering – “Hey, where are those articles on changing the Coil packs?”   Well, I’ve been distracted by a new issue – the headliner in my DB9 let go and is sagging on my head.   Not something you can really ignore, each time you get in to drive it sits like a cap on your head.   Only got 10 days of driving bliss (after the Coil Packs change).   Frustrating.  In its defense, it was 103°F outside the day it went, and heat certainly speeds the deterioration of the glue.

Rigging the Interior Apart to remove the Sagging Headliner on my Aston Martin DB9
Pulling apart the interior trim

I don’t have a main dealer in the city where I live, so I’ve made a few calls (to the local Maserati and Rolls dealers) and they both suggested the same interiors shop.  Spent this weekend learning how to remove the headliner from my car, along with how to remove all the Instrument panels (which the books and blogs talk about removing to get the A-pillar trim off).   Basically, ripped my interior apart.  I must be crazy.

Sagging Headliner Out of my Aston Martin DB9
Headliner Removed

Anyways, headliner is removed and will be off to the interior shop in the morning, and hopefully will have it back together in a few weeks (I have some travel for work coming up).  Sorry for the delay on the Coil Packs articles, but now I have material for articles to post for the rest of the year.  [Updated Oct 2017 – You can now read and see the entire headliner series here]

Oh yeah, and I think my Battery is getting weak, and I bet that goes soon too.  Rrrrrrr.  I love my car – I love my car – I love my car…..