Parts Needed to Change the Coil Packs and Spark Plugs in an Aston Martin DB9

Parts Needed for Changing the Coil Packs and Spark Plugs on an Aston Martin DB9
The bits you’ll need

If you have a lumpy idle with your DB9 (like mine was as detailed in this blog post) or are just doing a scheduled service that requires changing the plugs, it will be helpful to know all the parts you’ll need.   Of course, you’re sitting there going ‘Duh – I need spark plugs to change spark plugs you idiot’.   Yes, that’s true, but you also need a small assortment of other bits and bobs to put it all back together Properly. Continue reading “Parts Needed to Change the Coil Packs and Spark Plugs in an Aston Martin DB9”

Lumpy Idle / Misfire on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 EngineWhen I purchased my DB9 a few years ago occasionally if I just sat still in the car while it was idling I could hear – no – feel in the seat of my pants – the slightest ‘lump’ in the idle.  Rarely, faintly, distantly, so infrequently that I never really worried about it that much.  At the time the car was 8 years old and had about 15K miles on it.

Turn the clock ahead about 2 years to spring 2016 (and about 25K miles total now) and the faint lump rather quickly progressed to a routine ‘lump’ at idle anytime in gear when stopped at a light or sitting in the garage.   The lump was only at idle, and seemed to be gone (or at least was not perceivable) at speeds above 900 RPM.   I started to learn more about lumpy idles (or misfires at idle) on the forums. Continue reading “Lumpy Idle / Misfire on an Aston Martin DB9”

Sagging Headliner in my Aston Martin DB9

Furstrated with the Sagging Headliner on my Aston Martin DB9
Sagging Headliner – Unhappy Owner

Arrrgggh!   You may be wondering – “Hey, where are those articles on changing the Coil packs?”   Well, I’ve been distracted by a new issue – the headliner in my DB9 let go and is sagging on my head.   Not something you can really ignore, each time you get in to drive it sits like a cap on your head.   Only got 10 days of driving bliss (after the Coil Packs change).   Frustrating.  In its defense, it was 103°F outside the day it went, and heat certainly speeds the deterioration of the glue.

Rigging the Interior Apart to remove the Sagging Headliner on my Aston Martin DB9
Pulling apart the interior trim

I don’t have a main dealer in the city where I live, so I’ve made a few calls (to the local Maserati and Rolls dealers) and they both suggested the same interiors shop.  Spent this weekend learning how to remove the headliner from my car, along with how to remove all the Instrument panels (which the books and blogs talk about removing to get the A-pillar trim off).   Basically, ripped my interior apart.  I must be crazy.

Sagging Headliner Out of my Aston Martin DB9
Headliner Removed

Anyways, headliner is removed and will be off to the interior shop in the morning, and hopefully will have it back together in a few weeks (I have some travel for work coming up).  Sorry for the delay on the Coil Packs articles, but now I have material for articles to post for the rest of the year.  [Updated Oct 2017 – You can now read and see the entire headliner series here]

Oh yeah, and I think my Battery is getting weak, and I bet that goes soon too.  Rrrrrrr.  I love my car – I love my car – I love my car…..

My Coil Pack Change Long Weekend – DONE!

Aston Martin DB9 Coil Pack Change in Progress
Coil Packs changed and putting the Inlet Manifolds back on.

Just a quick update for those of you interested.  I’ve just spent the last three days changing out my Coil Packs, Spark Plugs and PCV system.  Fired the wee beasty up at 5pm today (July 4th holiday here in America).   Idling smooth as silk now.

In the coming weeks I will be posting articles with detailed how-to’s as well as video’s of each step of the process.   I used a lot of information from the forums to prepare myself, and it went mostly according to plan.   I will share what I learned so it may help the rest of you in your own projects.

Stay tuned!