Installing the Front Under Tray on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin Front Under Tray Parts DiagramYou may have had the front under tray off on your DB9 performing your annual service or some other exciting service task.   Eventually it’s time to put it back on.

I found that it’s pretty much the reversal of the removal steps (check out my post on how to remove it), but I did learn a few things along the way when I did it.  You essentially have one really large sheet of aluminum to hold up while you install about 40 bolts.  Challenging to maneuver, and tedious to replace all those bolts. Continue reading “Installing the Front Under Tray on an Aston Martin DB9”

Removing your Aston Martin DB9 Front Under Tray

Aston Martin DB9 Front Under Tray
Front Under Tray

Removing your Aston Martin DB9 Front Under Tray is part of many service events.   It’s funny to note that although removing the front under tray is referenced at least 50+ times in the official Workshop Service Manual, there is no section anywhere within that manual that explains how, or lists the torque of the bolts [Aston are you listening?].  Taking it off may sound daunting, but it’s not too bad.  Most of the work is in the prep which will probably take you 20-30 minutes.  I’ve made posts for each of the prep steps:

Front Under Tray Screws for Aston Martin DB9
Whole Lotta Screws

Once you have the car up on jack stands, it’s just a matter of crawling under and removing the forty (40) T30 Torx screws holding the tray in place.  Pretty simple actually, and only takes about 10 minutes.

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