Resetting the Time for Regular Service Warning on an Aston Martin DB9

time-for-regular-service-warning-indicator-on-an-aston-martin-db9One day you’ll get into your DB9 and just after “Power Beauty Soul” you’ll be greeted with “Time for Regular Service”.  The DB9 has a scheduled maintenance due every 1 year or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first).  I don’t know exactly how it keeps track of the time (maybe via the GPS providing it the date), but mine recently went off on what was nearly the exact anniversary date from the previous year (I had only driven about 5,000 miles in the 12 months, so it wasn’t the miles driven that tripped it).

As readers of this Blog are aware, I try to do most of this kind of work myself, and in fact I have a complete collection of the 1 year and 2 year service steps posted (check them out).   When this indicator went off, I had already completed my 1 year service regime about a month earlier.  Time to figure out how to turn it off.

Aston Martin AMDS Linked to my DB9
AMDS Linked to my car at Dealer

The official way to clear this indicator is to use the Aston Martin Dealer System (AMDS) service computer and plug into the cars communication network and send it a command to ‘clear’ the warning.  Unless you have $15K to try and buy a used one, I’d suggest you read on and learn how to do it for free in this 60 second procedure.  Oh, and I guess you have the option of taking your car into the dealer to have it cleared, but that isn’t free either.

A search of the Internet will find several forum posts at, Pistonheads and 6SpeedOnline.  Lots of talk out there about it, and a variety of solutions all similar in nature.  The key word is ‘similar’ – and not how to do it definitively.  So, I set out to try them all and document the one that worked here with a video so you’d know for sure!

[Updated January 2018]

The procedure I describe below shows you how to do it manually.  I wanted to let you know that there is now a cost effective OBDII reader available that we can use to ‘reset’ the indicator electronically.   The Foxwell NT510 will do this for you as well as be a useful tool for many other tasks.  Check out my article on it here.

Tools Required

Just your car key and your index finger!


The process should take you less than 5 minutes.  I am covering the process for the early model cars that use an Ignition Key, not the crystal ‘Emotion’ key that was part of the latter models (the process is similar, just my photos won’t match).

  • Get in the car and be sure to close both the drivers and passenger side doors.
  • aston-martin-db9-ignition-key-position-1-and-2Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to position 1.  This is the first ‘stop’, and just turns on the power to the gauges so you see the mileage indication and you’ll see the Entertainment system also has power.  By doing this you are powering up the cars internal computer so it can listen for input from you.
  • t1-t2-read-back-enter-button-cluster-on-entertainment-system-console-of-an-aston-martin-db9On the entertainment system there is a buttons labelled T1/T2 that we will use for the reset procedure.  Normally this button is used to toggle and reset your trip odometer.  You can read more about the normal use of T1/T2 button here.
    • NOTE:  Many of the forum articles talk about using the neighboring ‘Read’ button during the procedure as well.  In my testing, the reset process would NOT work if I was using the T1/T2 and Read buttons together simultaneously as suggested.  Some of the articles stated that you only needed the T1/T2, and this was the case for my car .  Perhaps in later model cars the Read button must also be used in the process, but I also suspect that this could just be lore and it’s unnecessary.
    • [Updated Oct 2019]  Later model cars may in fact need to be using the T1/T2 button AND the Read button simultaneously.  Reader ‘Shaun’ has shared this about his model year 2008 facelift DB9.  Mine is a 2005.   Soo, somewhere between these two is probably a crossover point in the electronics upgrade.   My car has the Green electro-luminecent display, and later cars have the Blue colored display, so maybe it came at that change.   Help we work this out, please leave a comment down below which key combo worked for you, the year of your car, and what color your display is.  If you have one of the newer cars, then everywhere in this article I talk about pressing or releasing T1/T2 then you need to be doing both T1/T2 and Read.
  • pressing-t1-t2-in-an-aston-martin-db9Press and hold the T1/T2 button in firmly with one hand
  • Turn the ignition key to Position 2 (with your other hand – awkwardly).
    • Note: You are not starting the car, but turning the key to the position that lights up all the indicator lamps and gets the car ready to start.
  • Timing is everything now.   As soon as you turn the key to Position 2, you need to be watching the system indicators in the gauge cluster.
    • Many of the forum posts talk about counting the ‘Blink’s’ of the yellow warning triangle.  The idea being to release the T1/T2 button between the 3rd and 4th blinks, and this would be the signal to the cars computer to reset the warning.   In my car this wasn’t working out.   I got an inconsistent number of blinks between tries, and I never got more than three (3) no matter how long I waited.  Sometimes I got one, sometimes two, occasionally three, and the timing of each round was different. Perhaps the later model cars this will be different, but for me this was a non-starter.
    • system-check-message-on-gauge-cluster-of-an-aston-martin-db9What I did find was the right timing for the release was watching for the display to just finish the ‘System Check’ and just before the “Time for Regular Service” indication would appear.   I released T1/T2 just after the System Check message disappeared from the screen.  This also matches up to listening to the ‘Bings’.  As the fourth Bing finishes also coincides with the System Check going out.  Check out the video below.  I suspect the computer is starting up during system check, and if it sees the T1/T2 depressed it gets the message to reset the service due indicator.
  • When it works, you’ll be rewarded that the Time for Regular Service message will not appear and the message display will just be it’s normal speed indicator 0 mph.
    • This is another reason why I think using the Read button in combination with the T1/T2 is a red herring.  Read is the button you would push to clear any normally occurring messages from the display once you’ve read them (low fuel, etc.).  It’s job is to make the temporary message go away, and on my car if I missed the timing on the T1/T2 release the Service Due message would clear since the Read button was pressed, but only to return on the next restart.  It’s just a temporary clear.  Again, maybe this is different on later model cars.
  • Once you’ve completed the process, turn the key back off and remove it, then confirm the message is cleared by putting the key back in and turning to position 2 and watching for the message to come back.  If it’s gone, congratulations!
    • Don’t be discouraged if it’s not cleared on the first try.  It took me a couple of tries to get the timing right.  Each time it didn’t work, I reset by turning the car off and removing the key.

That’s it.  Message cleared for another year.

Updated Aug 2020 – I’ve also got an article showing you how you can do this reset more easily using a Foxwell OBDII Code Reader.  Check out the article here.


Here is a short video showing the process I followed.


32 thoughts on “Resetting the Time for Regular Service Warning on an Aston Martin DB9

  1. J. Pi

    Procedure for a 2007 AM Vantage V8 uses the “T1/T2” and “Read” buttons together, following the above instructions, and you need to watch the warning “orange” triangle blink twice, then release the “T1/T2” and “Read” buttons. The message should clear. Turn key completely off and fully on to test.


    1. Ranjeet

      Does anyone know how to rest radio frequencies so it not only allows Odd (USA) stations but also the Even frequencies on the Aston Martin DB9 2007 model.


  2. Douglas Spence

    Steve, your solution is simply brilliant, thank you so much, it works over the pond here in the UK as well!! In fact it worked on my second attempt on my 2005 DB9 Volante, right hand drive so no awkward arm bending needed!!
    Ps I bought a superb remote control unit to turn up or down the exhaust sound at will. I have used it for 6 months now and it works from a small 1”x 2” keytype fob I keep in the car next to the cigarette lighter unit. The website is the main guy is an Aston owner called Clive Chedzey, it takes 5 mins to fit and costs £75 @ $ 100. Plus postage.
    This message comes with Greetings from Scotland “Happy Hogmanay” to you and yours for 2018.
    God Bless and thanks again for your help.
    Douglas Spence


    1. Excellent! Jealous about the no arm bend. Save that for a little whiskey. Love Scotland. All my inlaws are from the Isle of Arran.

      I’ve head about the CChargers before, they sound neat and would be a great addition for on demand roar!


    1. Ahh, glad you got it there in the end. Probably took me 5 times as well, but through the magic of editing it always looks right the first time :>).

      My recent article on using the Foxwell NT510 OBDII reader to reset it might be something to consider for the future.


  3. Jean-Jacques

    Hi Steve,
    First of all, thanks a lot and congratulation for the job you do. I have a 2004 number 79 DB9. Just bought last week. Sometimes the dream comes true. I hope it wil not become a nightmare. Seriously, I tried a lot of times to reset the service information. No result at all. I followed carefully your procédure. May be there is something particular in the first DB9.
    Other topic : is it a tough job to remove the oil sump. I would like to check both conrod and main bearings.
    With my best regards.

    From Toulouse FRANCE.


    1. Congrats on your new car. The first 300 Aston’s had a significant number of recall items so you should be sure to check that they had all been dealt with by the previous owners.

      Another way you can reset the service indicator is with the Foxwell NT520 ODBII device I’ve written about. It is an OBDII reader that can actually send back the signal to the car to clear the service needed indicator. I used this last service I did for my car. If you’re going to work on your car, you’ll want to have a decent OBDII reader anyways, so I would suggest this.

      removing the oil sump. Wow. Not sure I would tackle it. It requires removing the lower front control arms, sway bar, and then the front subframe. All that requires supporting the engine from above.

      Good luck with your project!


  4. Jean-Jacques

    Hi Steve,
    At the end I succeeded in reseting the time service counter. My mistake was a switched off radio.
    So, now I am fignting with a ticking noise. May be from hydraulic lifters. First I will try a synthetic 20w50 oil, the highest grade allowed by AM.


  5. Jim

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the insite on resetting the service reminder. Got it to erase on try #4. Any thoughts on how to resolve the yellow Alarm System Service Required ill assume its why my remotes are no longer working
    All the best
    2006 DB9 3 pedal


  6. Derek Sene

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks again for your wonderful informative videos, I had my car broken into and after two months at the Spanish dealer it eventually got repaired. Shortly after whilst driving it, the airbag service light came on, I took it back to the dealer in south Spain and they apparently have lost the dealership.. any ideas on this light is welcomed, it might have been one of the switches under the seats, as they had them removed. Any suggestions welcomed on the erasing of this warning.
    On start up pressing T1/T2 removes the light but has to be done every time you start engine.


    1. Hi Malc

      Not sure since I don’t have one. I’d try the same procedure I did, or read in the comment sections of my article I think a few readers noted that the process is just slightly different on the later models. The comment may be out on the YouTube video comments. Also, you can always do it the more elegant way using the Foxwell NT510 OBDII reader I’ve written about.


  7. Dave Steven

    Adding to the body of knowledge here, it took 5 “bings” for my 2009 DB9 to reset SERVICE using ONLY the READ button, no T1T2. Now I need to figure out the ALARM SYSTEM SERVICE issue. You see, I left on my radar detector for a week and drained my virtually new battery down. Attempting to start it I got both the SERVICE and ALARM alerts. Battery was recharged and will start the car, but both alerts remained until just now. So, I’m halfway there! Thoughts? Did draining the battery do damage to my Alarm System in some way?


    1. Jose

      Dave, the alarm module has it’s own battery; however, that battery can fail if you loose all vehicle power, specially if you have an older car. If the warning does not go away after a few days, then replace the alarm module. The module in my AM Vantage 2007 is located behind the left rear wheel fender. Procedure to replace the alarm module takes about 20 mins, and the module sells for about $300. Hopes this helps.


      1. Dave Steven

        And indeed, after a couple days on the Battery Tender, the Alarm Service notification went off.


  8. Peter Foster

    Hi Steve—Car is a DB9 registered (UK) on 5 th Jan 2005. Am trying to reset the service indicator and came across your article however I cannot get it to work and tired all reported (fixes) found online but non worked for me. So to cut a long story short I bought the Foxwell NT520 PRO with the Aston database.
    If I plug this into the ODB port and turn on the ignition fully and select Aston the only modules it will communicate with are the engine 12 cyl bank1 1 and 2 all other modules return a no comms message. I complained “nicely” to the Chinese and they came back with short reply that “Aston Martin have two ports”—that was it !!!.
    Now in the posts I see that it has been mentioned that if you use the body port you can reset this service message but I cannot see any ref to this. Do you happen to know anything ?


    1. peter foster

      In reply to my own post !! I plugged the Foxwell 520 pro into the body connector and turned the Ignition to position 1 and then activated the Aston stuff and eventually discovered the oil reset entry buried deep in a sub menu. It offered me a reset function and I accepted and behold it worked—so more service message .
      Regards to all


      1. peter.foster

        Hi Steve. Thanks for the message. Pity I did not know about your video as it would have saved me much messing about !!!!
        Best regards


  9. Shaun

    Steve, on a 2008 facelift DB9, T1/T2 and reset buttons needed to be pressed together. This reset the messages in the same way as you describe.
    Well done 👍


  10. Just reset an 09 DB9 and it required both buttons and the ! to blink 3 times and to release before the 4th blink. Its all illuminated in white lettering in the instrument cluster if that helps.


  11. Sean

    Hi Steve,

    As always your articles and You Tube videos are great.

    I have a sister car to yours: Toro red and I seem to be doing similar stuff to you. Secondary decat, Sport pack Wheels etc. If 1936 is your chassis no. Mines quite close to yours.

    Mine is 2005 and I couldn’t get your method to reset the service indicator, however this worked for me:

    Doors closed
    Ignition position 1
    T1/T2 button in
    After ALL 6 ding sounds the warning Amber triangle did start to flash so I released the T1/T2 button on the 4th flash as per other goggle searches and hey presto.

    I think the flashing Warning triangle only happens after the full System Check.

    Got there in the end.


    1. Hi Sean. Thanks for sharing this tip. What car number is yours? I’ve had the firmware updated in my car to the latest available, not sure if that influences the magic button presses or not. I’ve started to use the Oil Service Reset feature of my Foxwell OBDII reader, takes the magic out of it.

      I may update the article to include your magic details too. I’ll give it a try as well on my next service due, maybe I can catch it on video…..


  12. Dr. Mark Kelley

    Hello Steve. I just bought a 2006 DB9 and during the first drive a red triangle warning with the exclamation point came on. Now and then it will go out for a few seconds, but it always comes on again. Is this red warning the same as the orange one you discuss above?



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