How to Fix a Loose Wing (Side) Mirror Glass on an Aston Martin DB9

When I purchased my ‘new to me’ model year 2009 DB9 recently, the dealer PPI reported that the driver’s side mirror glass was loose and needed a fix.  In the Facebook forums I’ve read about mirror glass falling out on other owners cars.   I suspect this isn’t a unique event going on with just my car.  Let me show you how I tackled this simple repair on a ‘Saturday Morning’.

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Replacing the Battery in your Aston Martin Crystal Key Fob

If you have a later model Gaydon era Aston Martin DB9, Vantage, DBS, Rapide, Virage or Vanquish you likely have a pair of Crystal Key fobs, and one less fancy plastic Valet key.   Aston’s marketing team called the sapphire crystal key fobs Emotional Control Units (ECUs) – uhh, sure.  Like any modern automotive key fob they have a battery inside them that powers the transmitter for the buttons that lock and unlock the car.   Aston Martin’s service schedule recommends that the batteries be replaced each year during the annual dealer service.   While that’s the most conservative approach, you can save yourself some money and do it every 2-3 years, or even just wait until it stops working to tackle it yourself then.   It’s a very easy procedure you can tackle in just a few minutes on the kitchen table at home.  Let me show you how. Continue reading “Replacing the Battery in your Aston Martin Crystal Key Fob”

Replacing the Idler Pulley Bearings in an Aston Martin DB9

One belt does it all

In a recent article Darren Crompton showed you how to change the accessory drive serpentine belt and idler pulley’s in his 2009 DB9.   Check out his article here.  Darren sourced his parts from his local Aston dealer in Australia, and tackled the task from above and below the car.

Manuel’s DBS Volante

Another reader of this site – Manuel Tollini – tackled the same task on his DBS – but with a twist.  Manuel worked out how to keep the original idler pulleys and just replace (and upgrade) the worn bearings.  This saves a considerable amount of money, and the only part you would need to buy from Aston is the serpentine belt.

I suspect this process is valid for all Gaydon era V12 cars like the DB9, DBS, V12 Vantage, Rapide, Virage and Vanquish.  He shared with me how he did it for his DBS (and now I am going to share it with you!). Continue reading “Replacing the Idler Pulley Bearings in an Aston Martin DB9”