Lowering your Aston Martin DB9 Off Jack Stands

Aston Martin DB9 on Jack StandsNot every topic is all that exciting, but lowering your DB9 down off Jack Stands safely is important.   When you are to this point in a service project you are usually in a hurry just to get the car back on the ground and be done, but spend 1 minute and read on for a couple of quick tips I can share from my experience. Continue reading “Lowering your Aston Martin DB9 Off Jack Stands”

Single Point Jacking of your Aston Martin DB9

I can hear you snorting from here – “Why the hell would you need an article on how to jack up the car?”  I get that, but as it’s the first step in many service steps, and there are a few DB9 specific tips to share, I figured I’d post a quick article and video in case it helps someone.

Some obvious stuff to start with that’s the same for jacking any car:

  • Level ground (so the car won’t roll off the jack)
  • Firm ground (so your jack doesn’t sink in)
  • Be sure automatic transmission is in Park
  • Set the hand brake
  • Close the doors (helps keep the shell of the car as stiff as possible)
  • Block the remaining wheels
2 Ton Trolley Jack

I used a simple 2 ton trolley jack.

My first tip (that I really learned from a post on 6speedonline.com) is to use a hockey puck on the jack lifting point to avoid scratching the car. Continue reading “Single Point Jacking of your Aston Martin DB9”