Aston Martin DB9 Battery Service Collection

replacement-battery-in-an-aston-martin-db9The Battery is a critical part of the DB9, and you may need to work with it from time to time either disconnecting it as part of a service procedure, or perhaps its at the end of its service life and it’s time to replace it.

I’ve done a number of articles and videos relating to the Battery and have collected them all together for you here.  Enjoy!

Servicing the Battery

reconnecting-the-battery-in-an-aston-martin-db9Disconnecting the Battery – Showing you where it is, how to access it under the rear seat, and how to disconnect it safely.  Check out the article here.

Replacement Options – If your Battery is at the end of it’s life this article covers the detailed specs for the OEM battery, plus outlines a few alternative options in different price ranges.  Reading this will empower you to properly select your replacement battery.  Check out the article here.

bosch-battery-49-850bagm-for-an-aston-martin-db9-view-4Changing the Battery – shows you all the steps needed to remove and replace the OEM battery with your new one.  Check out the article here.

Reconnecting the Battery – Shows you how to reconnect the battery if you just had it disconnected for safety’s sake while you did some other service work.  Check out the article here.

Battery Cable Recall

Did you know that Aston Martin recalled many early model Gaydon era cars for a potential battery cable ‘pinching’ issue that lead to a fire inside the cabin?   I’ve had this repair done to my Aston.  If you haven’t checked that yours was recalled, check out this article with all the details.

Anytime you’ve disconnected your Battery you need to finish by …

Anytime you have the battery disconnected your DB9 will forget a number of settings.  Some of the control modules have computer memories that must ALWAYS have power to them else they forget everything.  In December 2004 Aston Martin published Service Bulletin SB153 discussing this:

“This Service Bulletin is being issued to advise Dealers of necessary system re-programming that must be carried out if the Vehicle Battery has been disconnected or replaced on any DB9 model.”

You can read the full bulletin here.  So, if you have a dead battery or you disconnect/change it yourself, you will need to do these five procedures afterwards and I have an article and video for four of them.

Aston Martin DB9 Door GlassReset the Window Autodrop Calibration – your windows automatically open a tiny amount as you open your door handle, and this will be forgotten by the Door Modules until you recalibrate them.  Check out the article here.

Aston Martin DB9 SeatsReset your Seat Calibration – your power seats need to learn the extent of their adjustment ranges (up/down and front/back), and this will be forgotten by the Seat Modules until you recalibrate them.   Sure symptom they are forgotten is you can’t move your seat any direction but forward.  Check out the article here.

Aston Martin DB9 ClockReset your Clock – the beautiful clock in the dash will need to be properly set to the current time again.  Check out the article here.

Reset your Radio Presets – I don’t have a video on this, but all the memorized radio channels on buttons 1, 2, 3, etc. will be forgotten.   Good luck remembering them all.   Simple to reset, but I don’t have a video on this yet.

Aston Martin DB9 EngineRelearn the Engine Misfire Correction Factors – this is the biggest PITA to redo, but also the most essential since your engine will be running in a ‘best guess’ mode until completed.   The Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs) that monitor and continually adjust the engine to prevent misfires needs to calibrate itself following a specific coast down procedure that has to be done at highway speeds.  Check out the article here.

Fuse Boxes

Boot Fuse Box Location
Fuse Box Locations

The Fuse Box is not exactly the battery – but is related so I will toss these in.  Here are a couple of tidbits.

The Cabin Compartment Fuse Box which is well hidden under the passenger side floor carpet.  Check out the article here.

The Boot/Trunk fuse box is accessed under a carpet panel on the left side floor carpet of the boot.  Check out the article here on removing Fuse 22 which is in this fuse box.