Using an OBDII Code Reader with an Aston Martin DB9

Using an OBDII Code Reader with an Aston Martin DB9If you are brave (or dumb) enough to do some of your own maintenance on your Aston Martin DB9 one great tool to have in your repertoire is an OBDII code reader.  OBDII stands for On Board Diagnostics version II – an industry standard communication method that modern cars with computers use.   By linking up your OBDII reader to the car, you can ‘talk’ to it, learning some real-time information from the cars Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs).

Aston Martin Check Engine Light
Dreaded Check Engine Light (CEL)

Of particular use is to understand what’s going on if the dreaded Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on.  This is also sometimes known as the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) or Idiot light.  Without a code reader you are completely in the dark as what might have tripped the CEL, and at the mercy of a Dealer to find out what’s going on.  With a code reader, you can link up to the car and it will tell you a much more specific error code (a P code in Aston Martin speak).   This will narrow down your troubleshooting greatly, and often it can be a simpler DIY issue to address and then clear the error code and reset the CEL. Continue reading “Using an OBDII Code Reader with an Aston Martin DB9”

Relearning the Misfire Correction Factors on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 EngineWhat the hell is a Misfire Correction Factor and why should I care?   Exactly my thought as well – and as soon as your DB9’s battery goes dead or is disconnected for service work, you car will forget this critical engine tuning data and then you’ll care.

What makes this a bit more confusing is that the issue is described under many names, but all referring to the same thing:

  • Misfire Correction Factors
  • Coast down procedure
  • Adaptive Learning Procedure
  • Flywheel Learning Procedure

How Aston Martin Describes it

The Engine and Transmission Control Modules use an adaptive learning process to improve performance by compensating for manufacturing tolerances in the engine and transmission.  Benefits include:

  • More accurate misfire detection
  • Improved engine emissions
  • Smoother gear shifts

Continue reading “Relearning the Misfire Correction Factors on an Aston Martin DB9”

Thinking of Buying an Aston Martin DB9? Then this book is for you.

The Definitive Guide to the new Gaydon era Aston Martin - Book CoverI was a little slow on the uptake.  I bought a DB9 – then I started to ask questions on the forums I should have asked BEFORE I bought one.  “What should I look out for?”  “What options are standard?”  “What changed between the model years?

These questions are not unique, and through this Blog I am hearing users asking me those same questions, and I am doing my best to answer.

I finally noticed, discovered, was pointed at probably the ultimate resource in the matter.   The Definitive Guide to the new Gaydon era Aston Martin – A Buyer’s Guide and Car Enthusiast’s Guide is really what you need.   This book is written by Grant Neal and is available directly through Sceptre Publishing’s website for about £20.  You can also find it on in the USA for about $50. [The book ships from the UK direct from the publisher and will always be the latest edition despite what Amazon has posted.  I received the 11th edition and it was updated in 2015] Continue reading “Thinking of Buying an Aston Martin DB9? Then this book is for you.”