Removing a Road Wheel on your Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Road WheelAnother article where I hear you saying “Are you kidding – he’s going to explain how to take a wheel off?!”    Since this is part of many service steps, I thought I would chip in a few simple tips I have accumulated.

Of course you’ll be either jacking up the car, using a ramp or a lift.  Since I don’t have the luxury of a ramp or a lift (yet!), I am making do just fine with a simple 2 ton trolley jack [see my post on this].

Before you lift the car my recommendation is to crack the road wheels loose.   They are seriously torqued, and if you have them off the ground and spinning in the air it takes more fiddling around.  So, I just crack them loose a quarter turn before lifting (you don’t want to really loosen them fully with the cars full weight still on the wheel).

Craftman 22mm Deep SocketYou need a 22mm 6 point socket, and a deep thin walled one would be preferred.  Deep to help clear the face of the wheel (although you can use an extension) and thin walled to make sure it fits into the recessed opening.   My socket was nothing special, just a 22mm deep impact socket from Craftsmen.

One small tip is to wrap the socket end with blue painters tape to help prevent accidental scratching of the wheels surface as you crank away on the nuts or the socket slips off.   Just some cheap insurance to protect your expensive rims.

Be careful lifting the wheel off to not let the wheel drag with its full weight across the threaded studs as this could damage them a bit by flattening the threads.  Try and carry the weight as much as possible (I use my feet under the wheel to lift up as I pull if forward and off.

The process is simple then:

  • Crack the 5 wheel nuts loose just a quarter turn
  • Lift the car until the wheel is off the ground
  • Finish removing the 5 wheel nuts
  • Pull the wheel straight out and off taking up its weight as you do.

Here is a short video of the process I follow:


2 thoughts on “Removing a Road Wheel on your Aston Martin DB9

  1. Steve Berry

    Love the tutorials. Not sure if your lugs same as mine – 2009 DB9 – but they have a ‘shell’ that if you’re not careful you can round off the corners. Not sure why they didn’t go with a single piece lug nut?


    1. That’s interesting. My lug nuts definitely had several pieces to them. Rounding off would be not good, I could see getting the socket wedged over the edge and being unable to loosen the nut or get the socket out. That’s why I am a fan of 6-point sockets for most everything (less chance of rounding). Thanks for the kudos, I enjoy doing them.


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