My Coil Pack Change Long Weekend – DONE!

Aston Martin DB9 Coil Pack Change in Progress
Coil Packs changed and putting the Inlet Manifolds back on.

Just a quick update for those of you interested.  I’ve just spent the last three days changing out my Coil Packs, Spark Plugs and PCV system.  Fired the wee beasty up at 5pm today (July 4th holiday here in America).   Idling smooth as silk now.

In the coming weeks I will be posting articles with detailed how-to’s as well as video’s of each step of the process.   I used a lot of information from the forums to prepare myself, and it went mostly according to plan.   I will share what I learned so it may help the rest of you in your own projects.

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “My Coil Pack Change Long Weekend – DONE!

  1. Paul Rogers

    My DB9 has this same problem so really looking forward to your great how to as i’m thinking about doing this to. Thanks Paul.


    1. It’s definitely doable, but not trivial. Overall I spent 4-5 hrs per day for 3 days of a long weekend (turn on camera, turn wrench, say something witty, turn off camera, drink some beer) to tackle it all. Probably a third of that time was extra effort for video and audio documentation, so I would guess a solid weekend would be enough. If I was doing it again (with the experience I have now), I could probably get it done in a single day.


  2. Andrew

    I believe this is a coming of age with Astons, a blooding, I did mine a few years back, (Vanquish) same deal, well done, your posts are very interesting and professional, keep it up!


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