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2014-02-22 10.28.06

I’ve had my first DB9 for 2 years now.  I appreciate mechanical things and good design.   I am just brave enough (or nutz enough) to be interested in doing some of the maintainance things to my car.   I will be getting up to speed on WordPress and publishing what I learn as I go along with the life of my car.

6 thoughts on “Here we go …

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  2. naim1970

    Since mai 2020 I’m Owner of an Aston Martin Rapide from 2011 (V12 5.9 477hp)
    Unfortunately last 2-3 weeks I feel engine vibrations,
    only between 1400 and 1500 rmp.
    No warning light is on.
    Mileage 76000.


    1. Hi. That sounds like its possibly the engine misfiring. Low RPM, light to moderate load. I have a series of articles on the site about changing the coil packs and plugs to solve my misfire issue a few years ago. You can use a proper OBDII tool to read the live misfire monitors. You can do real damage to the engine if you don’t address it. Of course, it could be somethign completely different. I’d check out the misfire issue immediately to see if that is the cause, and if it is, then tackle the plugs/coil packs. Let me know what it turns out to be.


      1. naim1970

        Dear Steve 🙂
        Many thanks for your prompt answer

        As you proposed on,
        I already bought OBD2 Scanner NT530,
        and discover 2 faults;

        1. ECM – Engine Control Module – Cylinder 8 (bank 1)
        2. Engine Management System (EMS)-P – Engine Control Module – Cylinder 12 (bank 1)

        To thank you,
        I would like to send you a Swiss chocolate from Switzerland 🙂


      2. naim1970

        Dear Steve,
        I really appreciate you answer and explanation’s that you share with other via
        I would like to send you some Swiss chocolates,
        for that I need destination address.
        My I have it?


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