Happy Birthday! Aston1936.com is 1 year old

first-birthday-cupcakeI have been amazed by the response to the site.   This weekend it turned officially one year old from when I feebly stuck up my first post “Here We Go“.  From the beginning this site hasn’t been about making money.   I just wanted a place to share tips & trick with you that I wish had been available to help me.


increasing-statsSince then traffic has grown steadily, especially since it started to get discussed on the AMOC forums.   Amazingly 5,700 viewers have read posts 20,500 times.  Currently about 30-50 people a day view a total of about 100-150 posts.  Viewers are from 125(!) countries all around the world including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, U.A.E, Japan and more.  Just Wow.One of the parts I’ve found most rewarding have been the Comments left by you like minded readers (168 so far).  I have to admit it, I am motivated by the positive things you’ve shared (ego) and this keeps me going on the new articles.  So, feel free to comment on the articles, share your thoughts and suggestions.

I’d like your help spreading the word about the blog.  Tell your other Aston friends about it.  Make comments on the popular forums referencing Aston1936.com where appropriate.  Spread the news wherever you think you can.  Subscribe to the blog to get automatic notices of new articles, and subscribe to the Aston1936 YouTube channel.


gopro-cameraI’ve tried to raise the production value a bit along the way.  My video editing skills are improving.  Camera positions and some new sound recording are coming along.   My production crew is still mostly me, and some occasional timely help and advice from my neighbor Rob.  My Sweetie Karen helps out as well.  Still all of this is done with  just a borrowed GoPro camera and my cell phone for high res photos and audio.

Even with more experience, I find I probably need 2+ hours to think through, research,  draft, and finalize each article if it’s short.  Then add another 1+ hours for post production of each video if it’s short.  Labor of love I guess.

60+ articles posted so far, and I have a pretty full slate already lined up for the remainder of 2016.    I am trying to keep up with one article per week (at least).   Hopefully this helps entice you to subscribe and check back regularily for some new tidbit of knowledge.

Where are we going next?

Aston Martin DB9 Front BrakeI hope to keep the momentum going.   Maybe two cameras recording a scene so that I cut in the best view.   After I am through the Coil Pack series, I have a short PCV series, and then a headliner and dash series (both already shot).  In the fall I will have a few standalones on changing some of the exterior marker lights, and after my local AMOC track day in January 2017 my brakes and tires will be used up and I will have a series on overhauling the brakes and the best tires and fitment.

astonmartinlogoblackIf I dare to dream, it would be that an Aston Parts supplier would want to supply the parts I need to complete the projects, in return for providing links to the viewers reading them at prices that are the cheapest that can be found on the Internet.  Come to the site, read how to do it, and then buy the bits you need for the best possible price.  I don’t want to sell out, but it might unleash me to do projects sooner than just waiting for stuff to break on my car :>)

I will also be revamping the main page to have an index of all the articles so its easier to browse through the materials rather than searching the site.

I have another idea in mind to publish my costs of DB9 ownership so that others ‘thinking about it’ can see what they are looking at investing in.  The truth about it, not what we tell our wives about it :>)

Looking forward to the next year ahead….

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Aston1936.com is 1 year old

  1. Caryl

    Happy birthday Steve,

    I want to thank you for the amazing work you’ve put into this site. What you are doing for all of us who love this automobile and just want to keep on top of maintaining this incredible car is inspirational. I also want to thank your amazing wife who must have the patience of Job! Thank you to both of you. I’m always anticipating your next posting.

    My wife and I just returned from a two week road trip to Boston in our 2005, DB9. Car ran beautifully, though there was just one hick up. Not sure if you or anyone else has noticed this…I had the habit when stopped at a red light, to put the car in neutral, as I would do in my 1973 Ford Capri (Rover 3L, V8), which is for sale! I just thought that this would disengage the transmission, the car could relax a bit, one can feel the car release, then push drive and off one goes. Well, not good! There were times when wanting to park that when pushing the P button, it would not engage. Would push and push, pushed the other buttons and after maybe 10 to 20 seconds it would finally engage P. This happened quite a few times. I thought, oh oh! In Boston I got an emission warning light AND engine (solid on) light! Big oh oh. Fortunately two minutes from where we we’re staying, there was an Aston dealership. They checked everything and gave me the all clear sign plus a word of advice, don’t play around with the buttons! The trany, will
    automatically release on it’s own, don’t fiddle. I don’t fiddle anymore.

    Anyway, just thought I’d say hello, and one more thing, any advice on front end stone-chip damage?

    Your big fan….Caryl


    1. Hello back. Thanks for the comments. Stranded in Boston traffic would be scary. I wonder if the dealer cleared any codes, or if the issue just cleared on its own. I had a similar experience on a trip to Napa, CA – I had been driving using sport shift on the twisty side roads, and when I finally connected up to the Interstate 80 I pushed the D button to let the car take back over, and instead got limbo – dropped into neutral and stayed there until I coasted over to the shoulder, stopped and put into park. After that, all good again. I think the electronics related to the push buttons are just a little fiddly, so fiddle as little as possible.

      Stone chips – yeah – I have a bunch since my car is a daily driver. The paint seems pretty weak and eager to chip when a mosquito hits the front. And with my merlot paint color, the white that shows through at the chip shows a lot. Haven’t really thought about how to tackle this well. Anyone out there with advice please chime in.


  2. Paul Rogers

    Hi Steve,
    1 years old!!! you have done so much in one year!!
    For me your blog is a very important source of information for working on my DB9. There isn’t much info on the web regarding DIY maintenance & servicing for these cars so your blog is fantastic!
    I don’t want to pay thousands of pounds to an Aston Martin dealer to do these fairly simple maintenace jobs, plus as an engineer myself I am quite capable. I read all your posts and have printed every blog out and have a large folder in my garage which helps me when I am doing a certain job.
    Also thankyou for taking the extra time and effort in filming the procedures whilst actually doing the job then afterwards typing the procedure plus video editing etc.
    Keep up the good work Steve
    Happy Birthday !!!


  3. Bob Dispennette

    Hello Steve,
    As a new owner of a 2005 DB9, your site was a great resource prior to the sale. Your DIY blogs & videos will be very helpful as I enjoy owning the car. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge to us all.

    Bob D.


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