Buying a used DB9? A Carfax report helped me …

I spent 2 years hunting for the exact right DB9 for me.   I watched eBay,, local exotic dealers, regional Aston dealers and even Craigslist.

Buying a used car is scary.  Buying a used (out of warranty) exotic cars is even scarier when you consider the dollars involved and the service costs.  No one wants to buy an abused car, or one that’s been banged up and poorly repaired.
CarFax LogoI purchased a Carfax report for each car I got close to buying.  You can learn a LOT about the history of the car.   Here are a few relevant discoveries I made:

  • Aston Martin’s dealerships starting sharing their service history data with Carfax officially.  This is GREAT!   If your prospective baby was dealer serviced, details about the services performed will be in the report.
  • Many reputable dealerships also share service data with Carfax, so even if it was serviced at a Jag or Maserati dealer, you may get the same level of details.
  • In California, Smog check information shows up, and will at least let you know its been passing, and what the mileage was each year (letting you know if its just been sitting in a garage rotting or actually been out getting some exercise).
  • You can learn about the miles each year, how many owners, where the car has lived (for example was it always a West Coast car if they claim it to be).

I think this is completely worth it for an investment of this size.

I learned mine had been a California car all its life (great) and that it had not been in any accidents.  I also could see that the last owner barely drove it, but did manage to service it once per year as required and what service work was done (helpful to know if you need to start with a 10K or 20K service).   I also learned the name of the private shop that did the work, and was able to contact them and ask them their opinion about the car.

Here is a link to my actual Carfax from when I was researching mine if you’d like to see what a report includes.  Aston Martin Carfax Report

5 thoughts on “Buying a used DB9? A Carfax report helped me …

  1. Paul

    I just found your site and wanted to thank you for the diligence and thorough documentation of you experience. I have never found a site so helpful as I contemplate taking the plung into Aston ownership,


  2. Peter Gosselin

    I presume accidents show up on a Carfax report only when it’s reported by an insurance company. If the claim is put through a dealership, such as the owner of the dealership chooses to pay for damage in house, then this would never show up on a Carfax.


    1. I think its possible for accidents to not show up if the owner is savvy and determined. Aston reports all vehicle service to Carfax though, so it would appear with some minimal description like “body repair”.


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