A Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose

Mike from Bamford Rose

Recently I had a great opportunity to have a Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose.

Many Aston enthusiasts might already know Mike from his popular YouTube videos “Forum Chat”. It was one of those videos that got me interested in what he had to share. I watched one, then two, and soon I was chain smoking them. They are a great source of Aston knowledge.

Mike would know. As you’ll learn in the video he was a Performance Development Engineer for Aston Martin for the DB9, V8 Vantage, DBS and V12 Vantage. He’s now fully devoted to Bamford Rose, an independent specialist workshop dedicated to Aston Martin’s. He’s been living and breathing Aston’s for over 17 years.

As I watched his video’s I inevitably had questions I wanted to ask. I started to think if I had questions, maybe all of you out on the Interwebs might have similar questions. On a lark I reached out to Mike and asked if he’d be interested in doing a Chat session with me where I could ask some questions and we all get to hear the answers. I was pleased he readily accepted the invitation.

During the discussion you’ll hear about his automotive background, his time at Aston, some projects he worked on, the formation of Bamford Rose, some of his top suggestions for owners, and a few of his personal favorites.

I’m no David Letterman when it comes to interviewing skills but I’ve done my best.

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Check out the Chat here:


3 thoughts on “A Chat with Mike from Bamford Rose

  1. Gary K

    Steve and Mike,
    Enjoyed the joint discussion of Aston and Mike’s automotive history. Most interesting. As the relatively recent owner of an ’09 DB9, and an ’07 Mini Cooper S, (as well as MB SL55 and Audi A8), about half my driving will be powered by engines Mike assisted in developing. THANKS for that.

    Looking forward to future discussions such as this.


  2. Robert Haywood

    I enjoyed the discussion between Steve and Mike and hope that further similar interactions will be scheduled.
    I was intrigued by the fact that Mike was responsible for the development of several of the engines that power much of the Aston Martin existing ‘fleet’ and the fact that he now offers several upgrades for the same engines. I should like to know what were the reasons behind AM not offering the same developments at the time; was it down to cost/time pressures or was it that they did not feel the need to have more powerful engines?


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