Checking the Tire Pressures on an Aston Martin DB9

Checking the Tire Pressure on an Aston Martin DB9You might be checking your DB9 tire pressures routinely or even as part of an annual service.  There are some tips I can share with you here.

I’ve used the official Aston Martin Vehicle Inspection Checklist as my guide on what we should be checking.  You can see a copy of it here.

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Checking the Tire Pressures

You should check the tire pressures when they are cold (after the car has been sitting for several hours).  Tire temperatures go up under normal driving, and this heat increases the tire pressure (which is normal).   All the specifications are for measuring and adjusting the tires pressures when they are cold.

Aston Martin DB9 Tire Information Label
Label from Drivers Door

You can learn about your proper tire sizes and inflation pressures simply by reviewing the sticker on the drivers door.  All cars have these.

The correct pressures for a DB9 are 36 psi up front and 38 psi in the back.

Slime Sport Digital Tire Pressure GaugeI use a cheap and simple digital tire pressure gauge.  The older ‘stick’ style manual gauges don’t give as accurate or consistent results, so I splurged and spent $12 on a digital one.

The process is simple – just check pressure and add or remove air as required to get to the right pressures.

Record the initial and final tire pressures on your maintenance checklist.

Note about Nitrogen Filling

Nitrogen Periodic TableThere is a fair bit of ‘hype’ about using Nitrogen to fill your tires.   79% of normal air is Nitrogen already, but some tire shops are promoting this as an enhancement for various reasons.  My local tire shop (Les Schwab Tire Center) didn’t even offer it.  I asked the manager, and he argued it would have zero benefit other than fleecing me out of a few dollars.  I agree, and like to be able to use my own compressor to add air anytime I want.  [I’m interested to hear your opinions about this]

Here is a short video on Checking the Tire Pressures


2 thoughts on “Checking the Tire Pressures on an Aston Martin DB9

  1. Caryl Hathaway

    Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve spent sharing your knowledge with us. As a new A/M DB-9 owner, your information is extremely helpful. Thank you from Canada.


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