Come join me at the AMOC USA West Track Day 2017

If you are a frequent visitor of this Blog you know that I am a believer in taking our fabulous cars out for a stretch once in a while in the safety of an AMOC sponsored track day.  These are a great event and you are surrounded by other Aston’s with drivers sharing the same anxiety as you “Don’t hit my car”.  We all are out to enjoy our cars, not trash them.

Aston Martin Owners Club AMOC LogoThe AMOC USA West division has just announced its 2017 Track Day to be held again at the tremendous Thunderhill Raceway Park in Northern California on Sunday January 15th.

I am personally inviting you to join us and make the journey if you can from anywhere in California, Oregon, Nevada or wherever you are.  We only have room for 40 cars, so please sign up ASAP.

amoc-west-track-day-flyerHere is the signup form along with the instructions for participating.  If you can come, fill out the attached signup sheet and mail it to George Wood who volunteers his time to organize this great event.

My Sweetie will be bringing her new 2016 Golf GTI along to try it out as well.  We hope to see you there and spend some time shoot’in the shit with ya!

If you are going to join us here are a few videos you might like to watch to get prepared:


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