A Better Replacement Cabin Air Filter for an Aston Martin DB9

ATP Automotive Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Filter Part Number RA-16
Aftermarket Activated Carbon Cabin Air Filters

As part of my 2 year/20,000 mile service I was performing on my DB9 it was required to replace the cabin air/pollen filters.    I instinctively ordered a set of factory replacement filters, but stumbled across a forum post that suggested that the air filters in our beloved DB9 weren’t bespoke items, and were actually filters designed for a Mazda RX-8 and MPV minivan!

Ok, this might make some sense, why would it need to be custom?  Ford (who owned Aston Martin at the time the DB9 was designed) has an ongoing relationship with Mazda on other models, so it’s not inconceivable that they dipped into the Mazda parts bin for this.   We have Volvo and Jaguar parts on the car too, so why not Mazda?  It wouldn’t surprise me if the entire blower assembly was from the Mazda (I am pretty damn sure after finding this Maxda RX-8 YouTube video on changing there cabin filters that the air handler in this video looks exactly like the one in our DB9).

The same forum post that got me onto this also pointed out that there might be an upgraded filter we could order.  An aftermarket parts supplier is making the Mazda filters upgraded to include an Activated Carbon layer to remove odors from the cabin air as well.   Many higher end modern cars now have this standard.   Seems like a nice upgrade over the simple woven fabric filters that Aston Martin supplies.

ATP Automotive Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Filter Part Number RA-16 with Box
ATP Cabin Filter Part Number RA-16

So, I ordered a set of ATP Automotive Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Filter Part Number RA-16 from Amazon.com for a mere $18 USD!  I had also ordered a set of factory replacement Aston Martin cabin filters (Aston Martin Part Number 4G43-13ZE1-AA-PK) for $59  online here.

I was skeptical at first (as you probably are now), and was sure that the more expensive Aston Martin supplied parts would have some clear superiority once I had both sets in hand.   I was wrong.

New Set of Cabin Air Filters for Aston Martin DB9
A new set of Aston Martin Cabin Air Filters

The Aston Martin filters just come in a clear bag, and have absolutely NO Aston Martin parts number markings on them.   I looked really, really carefully around all the plastic edges, nothing that identified it as a bespoke Aston Martin part.

I then set about comparing the dimensions of the Aston Martin and ATP aftermarket parts.   I used a vernier caliper, and they are EXACTLY the same.   Same sealing foam on the ends.  Same, same, same.

What was clear was that the ATP aftermarket filter looked like it would be vastly better at filtering the cabin air.  Of course it had the activated carbon layer, but even the filtering fabric layers looked like a tighter weave and could do a better job filtering out the dust and pollen.

So, I am a believer now.  I am convinced the Aston Martin supplied parts are merely repackaged ‘Made for Mazda’ parts, and we are just being gouged buying them from a dealership.

I know it might be heresy to even think of using a non-Aston Martin approved part in a DB9, but this is a cabin air filter, not a critical Engine Oil filter.   The worst case scenario would be that it lets more dust through (even though it won’t).  You won’t destroy your car with an aftermarket cabin air filter (but you could with an incorrect Engine Oil filter).

So, the decision is yours, but I would recommend that you upgrade to the ATP Automotive filter for better air quality and pocket the $43 in savings.

BTW – if anyone wants to buy a new set of Aston Martin supplied cabin air filters for $59 plus shipping, I have an unused set for sale :>)

Check out my quick video below where I will show you the filters side by side.

7 thoughts on “A Better Replacement Cabin Air Filter for an Aston Martin DB9

  1. Mark Chippendale

    I’m sure there are many other parts on an Aston that are equally suitable, and much cheaper, when sourced from another manufacturer or supplier which are entirely safe and appropriate. Can I suggest that other readers add their comments below so you can create a list of such items?

    Cheers, Mark


  2. Mark Canelle

    Steve thanks for helpful video and narrative I have a 2007 MY and it was same as you had explained,used the Mazda filters,keep up the great videos please

    Thanks Mark


  3. Martin Schmidt

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks to your advice I could buy some ATP Cabin Filters (not available in Germany obviously so I had to have them sent from the US) and have them installed during the inspection process, done by my Aston Dealer as I don’t have your skills unfortunately.
    Surprisingly my Dealer was absolutely astonished about this alternative.


  4. Steve, I am needing to replace the “Servo Assy, A/C Heater Air Mix, LHD” part number 4G43-18D675-AA. I find it on Scuderia for $217. If this whole air box is from a Mazda, I am hoping I can find this part from Mazda or any other manufcturer to see if I can get it cheaper. Any ideas on what year and model Mazda this might be from? I have an 05 DB9 just like yours. Thanks for your input.


    1. Hi Gary. I think the heater assembly is the same as a 2005 Mazda RX8, but don’t hold me to that. When sourcing the Cabin filters I think I figured that out. Anyways, a quick google of 2005 Mazda RX8 Blower Servo and I came up with a part number 861000-7070 that when you google it, has images that look a lot like the part on the scuderia site. Found one on eBay for $30. I’d suggest you do a more thourough job than be looking at pics and specs, but I suspect this is all you’ll need. If you get one, please report back and this would be a nice little article if it works. Take a few pics if it does.


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