Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you out there, the readers of this website.   There is an overwhelming positive feedback that comes from you in comments on articles, YouTube videos and via the Contact page.  I try to respond when I can.   I always love to see pics of your cars and hear about your own repair adventures.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to Michael Crowther that was kind enough to buy me a Whiskey.   Mike used the ‘Donate’ page on the site and got me a bottle of MacAllan 18.   Yum!   Although Mike wasn’t here to share a dram with me, it was a good chance for me to also thank my cameraman Rob.


About 400 viewers a day are accessing the website now – just wow!   I’m glad some of the information is helpful.  I know I go way too deep into details for some, but I make videos and articles for myself first, and I want to see exactly how to do something, not some vague recollection of what was involved.  I make it for me, and share it with all of you.

Equally amazing is the YouTube channel (check it out here is you haven’t already).   My most popular video on The True Costs of an Aston Martin DB9 has nearly reached 1 million views.  Wow!   More people consume Aston1936 content on YouTube than on this website.   I think they compliment each other, so I’ll be continuing to do projects in both formats.

I also would like to thank the guest authors that have taken the time to contribute their own articles to this website [Truly – thank you guys].   I’ve managed to rope in a handful of like minded Aston owners that usually write me separately about their projects and my hope is to coax them and more of you into helping share the knowledge.  If you’d like to share an idea, large or small, just contact me.

I also work at an IT firm full time and we’ve been going non-stop during the Covid crisis (essential service).  Worrying about the firm, our staff, and all those responsibilities have sidelined some of my hobby time.  When I do get a few free minutes, I am stressed out a bit, so the MacAllan 18 was well timed.

What’s ahead?  I have a ton of backlogged content.   I waffle between sitting down at the computer and doing the hours of post production work for stuff already ‘in the can’, and the longing to just get into the shop on new projects (many of which I have parts staged).   Upcoming new works include:

  • The final results of my quest for more Horsepower.  The results are in…..
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid change (many are asking for this article)
  • Completion of the Brake Service series
  • Power Steering Fluid change
  • Coolant change
  • All about the magic AMDS dealer computer (I managed to purchase one ;>)
  • and a lot more….

Please keep sending feedback.  It keeps me going.

Stay safe!


9 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Chris

    Great work Steve, keep the content coming, as a new owner of a MY 09 your videos are a great help of what’s involved in keeping these great cars on the road. As much as I would like to tackle many of the mundane service jobs, with a single car garage and no driveway its just not possible. Thanks to your videos I did manage to remove the passenger side airbag cover to have the leather repaired. The year model I have has the TPS system fixed under the glove box so it was a bit tricker than your video but I managed it. Unfortunately the leather was dried out and the guy fixing it was unable to stretch it back over the top but did a partial repair, so I have to find out how to obtain the same leather from Aston. I know can buy the entire cover from Astonbits but that’s about $2000 CDN, fortunately it’s not that urgent at the moment.

    Keep up the great work



  2. Robson Liu

    Attempting to do a 2 year service on my DBS this Sunday all because of your videos and advice Steve. Thank you for your hard selfless work in helping us enjoy our dream cars to the fullest.


  3. Paul

    Great work Steve, I find your in depth articles and videos very helpful.
    I have bought a gearbox filter and oil kit and am eagerly awaiting your step by step guide on how to do the job.



  4. Paul Tester

    Hi Steve,
    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your blog and videos.
    I am going to change the gearbox oil and filter on my next service. Are you going to be doing the same any time soon?


  5. Gary Raskie

    HI Steve

    Great job on your site. You are becoming the Guru of the DB9.

    We have an email circle of 17 Aston Martin owners in our area now. let me know if you are interested in being added to our circle We just share the love of our cars and meet regularly at Cars and Coffee.

    Gary Raskie, 2005 DB9


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