Power Window Not Working in an Aston Martin DB9

The drivers side power windows stopped working in my DB9.  This is the second time this problem has happened and both times I now realise it has been due to the battery being allowed to run flat. The first time followed a period of 3 weeks where I didn’t drive the Aston and this latest time being when I forgot to disconnect my dashcams.

[Editors Note:  I’d like to thank Mike Potts (@aston2209) for contributing his time and knowledge in writing this article – Thanks Mike!]

Both times I had not connected my Aston battery keeper to the mains whilst the Aston was in the garage. What I have also learnt is that whilst previously I believed my battery could support the dashcams for up to 4 days continuous running this is now only about two days. Perhaps my battery condition is gradually falling off. If I am driving the Aston every day then there is no problem and the dashcams can be left on overnight or a couple of days.

When I got into the car and pushed the start button other than some clicking noises nothing happened. I then put the battery on charge and left it for a few hours. On starting the Aston I found that the drivers side window was not operating it would not go up or down and did not move the approx. 5mm when opening and closing the door. I could however operate the passenger window up/down from the driver’s door controls and adjust the mirrors on both sides of the car.

The first time it happened I feared that the window actuator had gone down but thought I would first check the fuse (F83) in the cabin fuse box just in case it had blown.  You can learn how to access the cabin fuse box in this article.  After I had removed the fuse (F83) and found it to be OK, when I put it back the door mirror motors started moving and when I then tried the window it was now working correctly.

Cabin Fuse box. Location of F83 indicated
I have no understanding as to why everything had returned to the correct operation it was almost like hitting CTL/ALT/DEL or rebooting a computer.

If you have a similar problem to this try removing the fuse and reinserting it and things might go back to normal.  

Here is a short video of the procedure that may be more explanatory.

Mike (Aston 2209)

2 thoughts on “Power Window Not Working in an Aston Martin DB9

  1. coxybass

    You star! Relatively new owner of a relatively old DB9 volante. Battery died recently as I’d not had the trickle charge on (drive being relaid!!). Window stopped working. Saw your vid. Fixed it!
    May apply to join Chartered Institute of Engineers now as it felt good!! Thanks.


  2. mike2209

    Hi Coxybass,

    Good to hear it worked for you also. Steve and I post blogs and videos of our own experiences for the benefit of all so good luck with owning you DB9 and keep us posted with your own experiences.

    Mike (Aston 2209)


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