Installing the Throttle Body on an Aston Martin DB9

Throttle body on Aston Martin DB9Presumably you’ve recently removed your Throttle Body on your DB9 as part of another service event.   Reinstalling it is pretty much as simple as reversing the steps you followed to remove it, but with just a few Tips I can add here.

I definitely recommend that you clean the throttle body any time you happen to have it removed from the car.  Only takes a few minutes.Check out my other blog posts and videos on Removing the Throttle Body and Cleaning the Throttle Body.

Tools you will need are minimal:

  • 8mm 6-point socket
  • Torque wrench
  • Small screw driver
  • Inspection light
  • Fender cover

Before you reinstall the Throttle Body, use your inspection light and peer into the open end of the air intake manifold and look for oil or other build up.  On my car there was a small coating of engine oil build up, and I carefully used a clean lint free rag and some throttle body cleaner and wiped away as much as I could through the opening with my hand.

Generic O-Ring
Use a NEW Throttle Body O-Ring

Next it’s time to fit a brand new O-ring that sits between with air intake manifold and the throttle body.  Conceivably you can reuse the old O-ring it its still in good shape, but why cut this meager little corner to save $2.  Are you qualified to tell if the old O-ring isn’t overly crushed?  I’d suggest buying a 10-pack of the O-rings for about $22 from your local dealer or an online retailer like

Four Bolt Torque Pattern
Torque Pattern

Carefully position the throttle body back into position, making sure the O-ring stays in place.   Loosely install at four bolts and synch them up finger tight.    Lightly snug them up with a ratchet.  Next get out your Torque wrench and tighten them to the Aston Martin spec of  10Nm (about 8 ft-lbs).   I’d suggest using a criss-cross X pattern while torqueing (top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left) to evenly distribute the stress as you go.

Reconnect the electrical connector, be sure both sides of the connector ‘click’ into place firmly.

Reconnect the crankcase breather hose by just pushing it home.

Reconnect the air inlet pipe by pushing it onto the throttle body.   Be sure you have the clamp properly positioned on the pipe first.

The last step is to close the clasp on the clamp.   This may seem tricky, but it’s actually pretty easy.   I just used a screwdriver to gently push on the bump on the clamp just behind the clasp, and then gave it a quick rap to click it home.   Hard to describe in words, but check out my video below and it will be obvious and you’ll feel confident to know what to do.

Here is a video showing in detail the steps above.

4 thoughts on “Installing the Throttle Body on an Aston Martin DB9

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  3. Septimiu Calian

    After install a new throttle body , is necessary to be calibrated electronically with electronic diagnostic device or not?
    Best regards


    1. That’s an interesting question. I think the answer is that it will not need a calibration. I have an AMDS and haven’t seen a calibration for it. Also, I think it calibrates essentially automatically each time it powers up. Let me know if you learn anything different.


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