Aston Martin Dealer Opens in Walnut Creek, California

It might not seem like an issue to those living in the UK, but here in the USA Aston Martin dealerships are few and far between.   If you live in a Major metropolitan area you usually have an option, but in smaller cities they just can’t manage to survive.  I live in Sacramento, California with a population north of one million, but no luck.  My nearest dealership (up to now) was 130 miles and at least 3 hours away in Silicon Valley.   If you are an avid reader of this blog you know occasionally I sneak my car over to the Maserati dealership in town, I just just heard that they’ve given up and are closing in September.

Laura Schwab, President, Aston Martin The Americas

I was pleased to have just received a form letter from Aston Martin The Americas President Laura Schwab (read the entire letter here).   It’s not like Laura knows me from a hole in the ground (I would like to meet her though if someone out there can arrange it).   Aston Martin has just opened a dealership in Walnut Creek, California.   For those of us in Northern California this is considerably more accessible than the Silicon Valley dealership in Los Gatos, CA.  For me its now ‘just’ 75 miles and about a 90 minute drive [half a day minimum out and back for an oil change still].

I’m not a huge fan of dealerships in general.  Like most people I consider them expensive, and this blog is dedicated to helping readers like you do many of the basic Aston Martin service items yourself.  BUT, there comes a time that certain items shouldn’t be tackled by an amateur (like me), and should be left to those with the proper knowledge and tools.   When you car has a serious issue that needs fettled, you’ll want a dealer close at hand.   Now at least this one is closer for me.

Leaking Front Timing Cover

There has actually been an Aston Dealership at this location before.  In fact, if you’ve seen on this blog where I had to get an oil leak fixed on my front timing cover, it was this dealership that did it a few years back.  They actually dropped Aston from their lineup a few years ago, probably not even a year after adding it.   They had a terrific Aston Martin Master Mechanic Tim Unsell, but Tim moved on as the brand was dropped.  I don’t know who they have now as a master technician.  From the letter it appears that the dealership is owned by the same parent company as the Silicon Valley dealership in Los Gatos, the Price Simms Group.

The details about the dealership are:

Aston Martin Walnut Creek
2330 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 444-2000

I tried the website, which errors out and then ultimately links to the dealerships overall website   ‘The Luxury Collection’ is a collection of luxury brands (Bently, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, McLaren, etc) all generally located in the same block.   At least while they work on your car you’ll have some eye candy to wander around and admire.

If you are an Aston Owner in Northern California its good to know you now have a new option nearby.   If you stop by this dealer share how your visit went with me and others in the comment section down below.

5 thoughts on “Aston Martin Dealer Opens in Walnut Creek, California

  1. Luu

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the post! My Rapide had a chip and crack in the windshield, which Safelite would not replace through my insurance. They recommended the replacement at an Aston Martin dealer and cost would reimbursed minus my deductible. I checked with both Aston Martin Walnut Creek and Aston Martin Los Gatos, both under the Luxury Collection ownership. I chose Aston Martin Walnut Creek as it is a 1.5 hours drive from Sacramento. Plus, the windshield replacement was significantly less expensive than the Los Gatos dealership! I worked with the service advisor, Lynette, and spoke extensively with the general service manager, Henry. Both were very nice and accommodating to get me back on the road to Sacramento. I had a great experience at the Walnut Creek dealership.



    1. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. I’ve worked with Henry before when they had the Aston brand associated with their chain. Odd that Safelitte wouldn’t do it. They did mine (check out the article and video on this site). I had to take it to their main location in Sacramento off Richards Boulevard. Took them about 3 weeks to get the part from Aston Martin, and then just a morning to install it. I spoke to Henry about doing it in Walnut creek, and his impression was the parts would cost the same, and he would just have to hire Safelite to come to their shop to install it. Anyways, bummer you had to pay for the repair, its super expensive.


  2. robert w thrailkill

    I just had my DB9 at the Walnut Creek Luxury Cars for service, August 2019. Had a thermostat needing replacement. While doing that they found one motor mount broken and the other was flat. These are hydraulic mounts with fluid and very complicated (expensive) to replace due to their location. Undercarriage needs to be dropped with some suspension components. 2 day job. Mounts were $400 each for 2 and labor $2600. Thermostat was easy, $400 for thermostat and $400 labor. Replaced serpintine belt too for $225. Did inquire regarding replacing all radiator hoses and quoted $3000, Yikes!!!!!. Total of 8 hoses altogether. I passed on that.
    However, the dealer was excellent and very responsive. They were happy to have Aston Martin back. Never met the mechanic but they confirmed a master AML mechanic did the work. Had to wait 3 days for all the parts to arrive. They kept me informed of everything. The work was well done and on time. Expensive but good quality.


  3. Tim Unsell

    Hi Steve,
    I came across your blog though the recent Facebook Post of your interview with Mike from Bamford Rose. Hope you are well. I was going through my phone and have two additional photos from your timing cover replacement. Not sure if these were ever shared with you. I can send them by email if you like.
    Tim (former AMWC tech)


    1. Hi Tim! Great to hear from you. I’ve heard a little bit about your career since Walnut Creek (chatting with Rich). You were at a specialist in Oakland? Yes, would be great to get the extra pics. And would like to catch up with what you are doing now. Please email me direct at Happy Holidays!


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