Removing the Rear Under Tray on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Rear Under Tray Parts Diagram
Rear Under Tray

Removing the rear under tray on your DB9 might be needed for several service items.  The most likely is needing access to change the rear differential fluid as part of an annual service.

The good news it that it’s pretty easy and only takes a couple of minutes once you have the vehicle off the ground.   I don’t have a service lift or hoist, so I make due with a jack and stands.   Check out my other posts on:

You might be asking “Do I really need to put the car up on all four jack stands, or can I just do the rear two?”   If you are changing the rear differential fluid, you’ll want the car to be level so when you refill the fluid you get the proper amount in (if the car is nose down when you refill it, you will overfill the oil).

Torx Bit Socket
T30 Torx

The only tool you’ll need is a T30 Torx socket to remove the nine (9) screws.

The process I followed was simple:

  • Crawl under, and start at the back row (closest to the front of the car) and remove 2 of the 3 screws in the row leaving the center one loosened and most of the way off.   We’re leaving the screw to hold it up once you get the very last screw off so the tray doesn’t hit you in the face dropping down.
  • Remove the 2 screws from the center row
  • Remove the 4 screws from the last row and as the final one comes away, just hold this end up with your other hand.  The under tray is just ABS plastic and doesn’t weigh very much at all.
  • Reach back and remove the loosened screw from the first row and lower the under tray to the ground.  You’re done!

I’ve created a really short video about the process.

And here is a bonus tour of what you can access with the rear under tray removed.

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