My Other British Love is For Sale – 1961 MG Midget Mk I

My Aston Martin DB9 wasn’t my first love.  It was 43 years ago when I met her back in Canada.  She’s been with me through high school, watched my career develop, carried my kids around, and always been a constant in my life.   But the fact is I just don’t play with her much anymore now that the Aston has caught my eye.

I’m talking about my 1961 MG Midget Mk I of course (not my Sweetie).

I’ve decided to sell her.  Hopefully to a good home.  I won’t go into all the details here, but if you are at all interested, or know someone else that might be interested please pass this information along.

She’s up for auction now over on the website.  You can access the posting by clicking here.   The auction wraps up Monday April 22nd, 2019.

As you might imagine I have developed a extensive WordPress site with all the service history, condition, and hundreds of photos and videos if you’d like to learn more (by clicking here).


3 thoughts on “My Other British Love is For Sale – 1961 MG Midget Mk I

  1. Digby Preston

    hi steve,
    Great site. Sorry I’m not a buyer since with my 06 db9(80k mi) and 5 v12 jags(2 e-types) my wife threatens my untimely demise for another vehicle purchase. A few thoughts on working on v12’s for many yrs in Reno (let me know if you need some good roads to drive on this side of the pass).
    Firstly, your OBD2 reader is nice with the “live” feature but my $50 Innova 3030 reads/clears all pertinent codes and the hand at the tailpipe is STILL the definitive test for an A or B bank miss IMHO. Second, you don’t spend much time on the O2 sensors which are cheap and easy to replace (maybe I missed it). As an aside, you ask about a plug under the cowl scuttle plate which I think is for markets that need a heated windscreen washer orifice (jag used the same strategy with the connector in the same location).
    Finally, I’d like your views on alignment and tire wear. Although years ago I used measurements and a blue chalk line for caster camber and tow (God I’m old!) I copied your specs and used a shop I know, which helped a lot, I now have outer edge wear on front Michelin’s with less than 20k mi. Too much tow despite being in spec?


  2. Scott

    What a pleasant surprise to see this! My very first car was a 1961 MG Midget in a very similar colour. No wire wheels, but it had a roll bar!. Had lots of fun with it for a few years before it was sold to fund a 1971 MGB/GT.


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