Well that was a Crazy Saturday ….

Ever have one of those days where some unusual stuff happens that leaves you wondering ‘Wow’?  I had one of those a two days ago, and I think they are worth sharing.

Wow #1 – YouTube is making the world a smaller place

It’s winter in California (at least what we call winter) and I was out in the garage doing some odds and ends with the big door open, and my DB9 sitting parked.  It’s also parcel delivery season, and up rolled the big brown UPS truck and a driver hops out and walks a package into the garage to me, then starts to walk away.  He stops, turns around, looks at me, and then says:

Are you that YouTube guy?

More than a little surprise I utter out “I think so if you are talking about the Aston costs video”. “Ya, that’s it. I love that car. Wow”.

Surreal – I’m a ‘Y’ list celebrity.  What are the odds that my UPS driver would have been one of the half million or so folks that have seen the True Costs of Owning an Aston Martin DB9 video? Something like one in 16,000.

Wow #2 – YouTube is really making the world a smaller place

On my YouTube channel I got a comment on one of my videos from Scott Garvin.  Scott said he was a retired Aston Martin Technician and offered to connect to share some of his background and tech tidbits with me.  Cool I thought!  Scott gave me a call about an hour after Wow #1 above.  He was telling me about his start as an Aston Tech at a new Aston Dealership in San Diego back in 2005.   Wait just a minute – my car was purchased by its original owner in San Diego back in 2005, at a now defunct dealership Aston Martin Kearny Mesa.  “I worked at that dealer – do you have your owners handbook – check the stamps”.   Holy crap….

That’s my signature!  I worked on your car!

Scott personally signed off on my 2 year service in January 2007.  Wow!   What are the odds that the retired Aston Technician working on my car would find me on YouTube, reach out, and stumble on the fact that he worked on my specific car.

Crazy awesome.

I may share a few more stories and tips from Scott in future posts.

If you want to add to the story of Aston1936 please reach out.  Who knows what else we’ll discover.

7 thoughts on “Well that was a Crazy Saturday ….


    You will find in some hanbooks that the Airbags in a db9 should be changed every ten years – this is not the case! Apparently a lot of the handbook was lifted from Ford handbooks and it does not apply to Aston Martins!

    I enjoy you site – keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Colin. I was wondering about that. How did you learn that it didn’t apply? Did a dealer tell you? Would be great to have some document that I could refer to and pass that news along in a blog article.



        Hi Steve,
        Yes I was told by a dealer because I was worried about mine. I have a 2008 (2009 spec) Aston.
        I do have some documentation which I will forward to you if I can find it!!

        Colin O Simpson



        I have sent the doc and a link – please confirm you have received it. Was sent on the Aston1936
        email address.

        Colin Simpson


  2. Peter Schluter

    Hi Steve. Great blog. Regarding the airbags, I asked my dealer if the airbags would need replacing on my 2005 DB9 when it had its 10 year service. They replied , “no, we have never replaced an airbag that hadn’t been activated first”.

    This is HWM Walton on Thames, so I think they know what they are talking about !


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