HELP! Please join me and have some fun at AMOC Track Day 2019!

I would really like to get all the Aston Martin owners near me to come out to the upcoming AMOC West Track day.   I’ve done this every year I’ve had my Aston and it’s been a little sad when only 10 Astons show up and we have to fill the rest of the event with BMW’s and Porsche’s (fine cars, just not my tribe).  Can you make the pilgrimage for a day of fun?   Please do.

Track day ISN’T racing day.  You may feel trepidation about coming out to the event since you don’t think of yourself as a ‘racer’.  This event isn’t about racing, its about taking your car out on a safe piece of road and being able to feel it accelerate on the straights and hug the corners, all in the safety of a racetrack.   Racing other cars isn’t part of it.

In the past we’ve had all manner of the Gaydon era cars (DB9, Vantage, DBS, Vanquish and 4 doors), plus a smattering of older Vanquish, Vantage and even some DB5’s and DB6’s.   I’d love to see some new DB11 and Vantage (Dare I dream for a Superleggera to appear?)

This is a privately organized event by AMOC title, Aston owner and enthusiast George Wood.  Here is how the event generally works out:

  • We hope to fill the event with 40 Astons
  • The event will be on Sunday January 13th, 2019
  • The event is held at Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California.
  • George asks that you sign up in advance so he knows who’s coming and can plan accordingly for food, etc.
  • Those travelling from a distance often choose to stay at one of hotels in nearby Willows, California (about 10 minutes from the track).
    • The Holiday Inn Express is new’ish and reasonably priced.  Check out all your options here.
    • You could stay in Napa Valley or Sacramento the night before and make the drive out early in the morning.  I leave Sacramento about 6am and get to the track right about 7:30am.
  • An informal group dinner is held at the Casa Ramos restaurant in nearby Willows at 7pm for those staying overnight Saturday before the event (click here to learn more about Casa Ramos)
  • Cars start to arrive at the track about 7:00am on Sunday morning.
  • George will meet you in the main building and sign you in
  • A nice buffet breakfast is served starting at 7:45am
  • At about 8:30am a drivers meeting is held to lay out the rules for the day
    • This is a TRACK day, not a RACING day.   No one is allowed to race.
    • Everyone wants to finish the day with undamaged vehicles.  Everyone respects that.
    • The group is split into Novice/Intermediates and Experienced.
      • I usually run in the Novice class – less stress and I don’t fancy myself a racer.  I just want to get out and listen to the roar of the engine on the straights and not worry about tickets for a change.
      • Passing is generally limited to safe and controlled waive byes only in specified areas.   If you are just out for a fun stress free day, this is your group
      • The Experienced group is for the go fast folks that want to push their cars a little harder.
  • Racing helmets are required.  Not to worry, the track rents them for a nominal fee for those that don’t have their own.
  • Experienced drivers are at the event and will gladly take a few laps with you to help you get acquainted with the track.   Very worthwhile if you are a complete novice and a little nervous
  • The groups alternate 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off.
    • You can pull off anytime you want, and go back out anytime you want during your session.
    • 30 minutes may not sound long, but its just right when you are doing it.
    • The 30 minutes in the pit is some of the most fun time to BS with the other owners and ogle all the cars.
  • A lunch is catered at 12 noon and everyone relaxes and refuels.
    • This is a good time for a Group photo session
  • The afternoon is more sessions until we all tire out.  I’m usually mentally done by 4pm and make my rounds to say goodbye and head for home.

You can even bring a friend!   My Sweetie usually comes along and George only asks for a nominal extra fee to cover the meals.  She usually drives a session or two.

Planning on attending?   Check out my article on how to prepare your car for a track day.  It’s easy.  I’ve blogged about my past track day outings with the group and you can see some photos and videos here.

Help me out!  Let’s fill the event completely with Aston Martins.  Download the signup form here and please send it back to George ASAP so he reserves your spot.

Also – Please leave me a comment below if you are thinking of coming, and we can say Hello in person at the event.

Here is a short video describing the event:

10 thoughts on “HELP! Please join me and have some fun at AMOC Track Day 2019!

  1. Graham Rollins

    Hi Steve,
    Now if I were on the your continent I would be over in a flash. I will look at the idea of getting over in 2020 if it’s going to be a planned yearly meet.
    My wife would love to visit the West coast and it would be a good excuse to visit.
    Graham Rollins.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Mark Janis

    I am interested, but I drive a Volante. The car does not have a rollbar other than the ROP hoops that will self deploy in the event of a rollover. Will they even allow it on the track without a rollbar? The other concern is the timing, Mid January in NorCal means high probability of rain. Why can’t it be done during the dry season?


    1. The built in roll hoops will be fine, other Volantes have attended in the past. If you run top down, they will require you wear sunglasses or have a visor on your helmet.

      Why January? I’m not sure. Its always been then. I think the track is cheaper to rent due to the non peak season. In the 4 years I’ve attended it was one perfect sunny day, two mixed weather days (overcast/fog/sun), and one rainy day. The rain day probably taught me the most about driving and the cars handling.

      Hope to see you there!


  3. Bob Dispennette

    I would love to join you Steve! I’m closer than Graham. A trip and back in the DB9 would be great from North Carolina. Have to pass. Good luck with your attendance. I look forward to the blog & video.

    Bob D.


  4. Jeff Gustafson

    Hi Steve, It was great to meet you at the track, and thanks for promoting the event. We (the Aston Martin cars and coffee Folsom group- AMCCFG?) all had a great time. I still couldn’t stop smiling about it the next day.

    I’m finally done working on my in-car go pro videos so I could upload them to a google photo album. I had to apply pretty heavy audio filtering for the wind noise. Please feel free to download any and all pics / videos and comments are very welcome, and share it with anyone you want. There’s a shot in there I took of you sitting in the DB11 AMR. Also, please upload any photos/ videos you might have to this album. There are more added daily. We are all looking forward to seeing them.

    Here’s the link,

    Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it. I think you need to be signed into a Google account for the link to work. Also, I’d like to get the pictures from our front straight photo op added to this, if you know where to get a hold of them.

    If you’re not too busy, please consider joining us at Cars & Coffee at Palladio in Folsom. It’s every Saturday morning 7-10. There’s sometimes upward of 350 cars total with 4-5 Astons.
    Thanks, Jeff


    1. Hi Jeff. Was nice seeing you at the event too. I hope you don’t mind but I added all my Google photo collection into yours as well. My friends (Silver Porsche 993 and Blue Porsche Macan) added theirs as well. Nice 360° shot of the 993 spinning off into the mud and nearly rolling. I see you looped yours as well at turn 11. That is a tricky one.

      I’ll try to attend a few of the Cars and Coffee. I’ve done a few EuroSundays and mostly been the only Aston out there. Is the Cars and Coffee the same place same time EVERY Sunday? Wow. Gotta run…..


  5. Jeff Gustafson

    Steve, thanks so much for your and your friends’ additions. I saw that Porsche spin video. What a cool photo/video system. I actually spun twice. The other one was on my first lap in turn 3. First lap on a track, cold tires, what could go wrong? Both times stayed on the track, though.

    The Cars and Coffee Folsom is at the same place every week, but on Saturday not Sunday. I may make it tomorrow for a short while. I imagine the turnout will be less than spectacular because of iffy weather. My car is still dirty so what the heck!


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