Reinstalling the Leather Door Cap End Cap in an Aston Martin DB9

Plunk.  Awww Crap!

End Cap showing 2 layers of old tape

Yet another tale of woe begins with my DB9.  One day when I rolled into the garage and parked, I opened my door, and then heard a faint “Plunk”.  Anyone that’s owned a British Car before knows that you need to get out and look around for what’s fallen off.  Sitting right there on my garage floor was a neat little do-dad wrapped in leather.   I quick look back up and at the car revealed that it had fallen off the end of the drivers door cap.   This little cap is designed as a finisher to hide one of the door card mounting screws.  It was held on by some double sided tape that gave up (much like the glue in my sagging headliner – read about that here).   Its an easy fix that anyone can undertake, and here’s how I did it. Continue reading “Reinstalling the Leather Door Cap End Cap in an Aston Martin DB9”