Everything about Servicing the Brakes on an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage

We all relish in the V12 sound and power of the DB9, but equally important (to our lives) is the ability to haul the nearly 2 tons (3,968 pounds or 1800 Kgs) to a halt.  The DB9 is equipped with some of the best brakes in the industry, and the good news is that servicing them is much the same as working on any average car.   You can take your car to an Aston Martin dealership or really any competent brake shop to get the work done, but at a price to be sure.  I would suggest that you can just as effectively service most any aspect of your brake system yourself as long as you have a modicum of mechanic skills.   In this article and those to follow I plan on taking you through how to inspect your brakes and do a full service if necessary. Continue reading “Everything about Servicing the Brakes on an Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage”

Bleeding the Brakes on an Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Front BrakeYou may need to bleed the brakes on your DB9 for several reasons like replacing a caliper, a cracked hose, or as part of changing the brake fluid every year with the annual service (which is what I am doing).

Brake fluid is hygroscopic – which means it absorbs water, even out of the air.  The potential for water in the brake lines is bad mojo, so Aston Martin requires that all the brake fluid is changed as part of every annual service. Continue reading “Bleeding the Brakes on an Aston Martin DB9”